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2.2rc1 Adding plugins throws CSRF token failure #955

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Installed a bare instance of 2.2rc1 to test it out. Usinq sqlite. Was able to syncdb and migrate fine, but when I created a test page and tried to add a plugin I got "CSRF Verification Failed."


I can't reproduce this locally - can you include: OS version (you never know...) and browser?


as well as your MIDDLEWARE settings, Django version, what plugin you tried, whether it was using frontend edit or in /admin/.


Mac OS 10.7 (Lion), stock Python 2.7.1 in a virtualenv with --no-site-packages. Browsers tested were Safari 5.1 and Firefox 5.0.1. Saw the issue both in frontend edit and admin. Django version is 1.3. Any plugin I tried threw the error. Middleware settings are


what version of the CMS are you using? Looking at those middleware classes it looks hardly like 2.2rc1.


Just in case:

python shell


import cms
print cms.__version__

Well, I thought I was using 2.2rc1--Something odd happened when I setup the virtualenv and though Django 1.3 was installed in the ve site-packages, it was pulling an older 1.2 when the server was starting up. I'll close the issue, I was successful in creating a test instance this time.

@cro cro closed this
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