CMS_PLACEHOLDER_CONF is not limiting the dropdown #983

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This happened in 2.2rc1.post2...

I have a page titled "My content page" that uses a template called "sub.html" and I want to restrict all the installed plugins to 'cms.plugins.text' only. The template "sub.html" has a placeholder called "content".

So I define CMS_PLACEHOLDER_CONF in the settings:

    'sub.html content': {
        'plugins': ('TextPlugin',),

This is working fine for the mentioned page "My content page".

But if I create a child page of "My content page" called "Child of My content page" and set the template to inherit the template from its parent, all the installed plugins are available to that page instead of limiting the plugins to the ones defined in CMS_PLACEHOLDER_CONF.

@ojii ojii pushed a commit to ojii/django-cms that referenced this issue Sep 2, 2011
Jonas Obrist Added test for #983 bed549c
@ojii ojii pushed a commit that closed this issue Sep 2, 2011
Jonas Obrist Fixed #983 7e0a36d
@ojii ojii closed this in 7e0a36d Sep 2, 2011
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