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[Docs] minor app integration changes. #964

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Ah, 11 commits, but only 4 that actually affected anything. Thanks git!

  • fix attr indent on menus: The indent level in the current develop docs is wrong, leading to it being a list-level further in that it should be.
  • 'an other' -> 'another': typo.
  • document the fact NavigationNodes take a visible argument.
  • also provide an additional note to look at the NavigationNode API docs, because ultimately it'd be good to de-duplicate these.

very nice, thank you

@ojii ojii merged commit 74a638f into divio:develop
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Showing with 8 additions and 2 deletions.
  1. +8 −2 docs/extending_cms/app_integration.rst
10 docs/extending_cms/app_integration.rst
@@ -70,7 +70,7 @@ The get_nodes function should return a list of
- parent_id=None
- If this is a child of an other node give here the id of the parent.
+ If this is a child of another node give here the id of the parent.
- parent_namespace=None
@@ -78,11 +78,17 @@ The get_nodes function should return a list of
namespace. The namespace is the name of the class. In the above example that
would be: "TestMenu"
- - attr=None
+- attr=None
A dictionary of additional attributes you may want to use in a modifier or
in the template.
+- visible=True
+ Whether or not this menu item should be visible.
+Additionally, each :class:`NavigationNode` provides a number of methods, which are
+detailed in the :class:`NavigationNode <menus.base.NavigationNode>` API references.
Attach Menus
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