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on the 7th and 8th of June 2012 starting 10:00 CET
Cigarettenfabrik Zürich and IRC (#django-cms on freenode)
Core devs and organizers:
Jonas (@ojii), Stefan (@stefanfoulis), Beni (@piquadrat), Chris (@Tribaal)

Sprint Focus

Our goal is a 2.2.1 RC release containing important bugfixes and django 1.4 compatibility.

Issues / Milestones

The relevant issues have been organized into three milestones on github.


1. Claim

Have a look at the open issues and find one you feel comfortable solving. Then contact one of the core devs to claim it. We'll then tag the issue as claimed and add [claimed by @username] to the description.

2. Code

Make a feature branch and start coding. Don't forget tests ;-)

3. Pull Request

Make a pull request to the develop branch on divio/django-cms. A core dev will review your pull-request, give you feedback and eventually merge it.


  • Important: We're working on django-1.4 support. But don't forget that we have to maintain backwards compatibility to django-1.2.5+ and 1.3+. Supported python versions are 2.5, 2.6 and 2.7
  • Contributing to django-cms from the django-cms docs
  • Always make feature branches (the git flow extension is awesome). If you'd use your develop branch for feature development, you'd be screwed if the pull request is not accepted. Also it makes it hard to work on multiple features without cluttering pull requests with unrelated commits.
  • you can run the testsuite with ./ To run them for a specific version: ./ -d 14, ./ -d 13 or ./ -d 14.
  • jenkins ci:
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