Add tinymce / generic HTML editor support #210

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This is just a memo to talk about the issue.
Usecase: under certain circumstances it's not possible to use objects to let user insert image, or using django-cms / cmsplugin_filer to insert a reference to the image.
GIven that one of the major points in django-filer is exactly not to have a direct URL for files/images, a view is needed to support this, which would allow to insert a fixed reference to the image (eg: /filer/get/149/ where 149 is the PK for the filer object).
This doesn't break the filer abstraction and still permits the users to have direct URLs to files.
We started working a while ago on a solution nephila@7f98a50: it still need work and tests but I would be interested in other opinions


I successfully integrated cmsplugin_filer into cmsplugin-markup, without a need for the above. Under which circumstances those references would be needed?


As an example when using third-party non-django-cms applications, so you cannot insert plugins in the richtext area.
Above branch integrates tinymce filepicker with django-filer and references filer files via an ad-hoc view.

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