A package that helps standardise our common settings for all projects
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Django Standardsettings

Django standardsettings encapsulates using dotenv and getenv to produce a "standard" (opinionated) set of settings for the basic configuration needed in most projects.

In settings.py add import standardsettings; standardsettings.apply_settings(__name__)

It defines what things should be exposed to be configurable (e.g DEBUG=True) over environment variables and simplifies them (e.g setting ENABLE_DEBUG_TOOLBAR=True will add it to INSTALLED_APPS and to MIDDDLEWARES).

It also does some autosetup for specific deployment environments based on a single environment variable. Setting AUTOSETUP="local" will use our opinionated defaults for local development. Setting AUTOSETUP="divio-nine-cloud" will configure all the basic settings for deployment on our server at nine.

Of course you can still override all these settings by defining variables in the corresponding .env file.

Deployment specific things are:

  • Database
  • Cache
  • Celery
  • Sessions

Standardsettings also adds some other opinionated settings that should be the same over most projects:

  • ...