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Column Plugin for django-cms
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A Multi Column Plugin for django CMS.


This plugin requires django CMS 2.4 or higher to be properly installed.

  • In your projects virtualenv_, run pip install djangocms-column.
  • Add 'djangocms_column' to your INSTALLED_APPS setting.
  • If using Django 1.7 add 'djangocms_column': 'djangocms_column.migrations_django', to MIGRATION_MODULES (or define MIGRATION_MODULES if it does not exists); when django CMS 3.1 will be released, migrations for Django 1.7 will be moved to the standard location and the south-style ones to south_migrations.
  • Run migrate djangocms_column.


There are 2 plugins: MultiColumn and Column The first is MultiColumn that should be added to your placeholder conf. MultiColumn only allows one plugin as a child: the Column plugin. The Column plugin has a parameter width. With this parameter you can control the width of the column.

You can add a new setting to your called COLUMN_WIDTH_CHOICES

the default is::

        ('10%', _("10%")),
        ('25%', _("25%")),
        ('33.33%', _('33%')),
        ('50%', _("50%")),
        ('66.66%', _('66%')),
        ('75%', _("75%")),
        ('100%', _('100%')),

but you can change that to fit your CSS grid framework or other purposes.


If you want to help translate the plugin please do it on transifex:

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