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Link Plugin for django-cms
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Allow to put anchor links targetting the current page
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A Link plugin for django CMS.


This plugin requires django CMS 3.0 or higher to be properly installed and configured. If you have many pages it supports ajax loading for selecting a page. To enable this install Django-Select2 3.1.2 or above.

  • In your projects virtualenv_, run pip install djangocms-link.
  • Add 'djangocms_link' to your INSTALLED_APPS setting.
  • If using Django 1.7 add 'djangocms_link': 'djangocms_link.migrations_django', to MIGRATION_MODULES (or define MIGRATION_MODULES if it does not exists); when django CMS 3.1 will be released, migrations for Django 1.7 will be moved to the standard location and the south-style ones to south_migrations.
  • Run migrate djangocms_link.

If you want to enable the ajax loading:

  • In your projects virtualenv_, run pip install Django-Select2.
  • Add 'django_select2' to your INSTALLED_APPS settings.
  • Add url(r'^select2/', include('django_select2.urls')), to your main


This plugin supports child plugins. If you add an other plugin as a child it will take this content instead of the link name as the content of the link.


If you want to help translate the plugin please do it on transifex:

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