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Development Team

  • Design - ?
  • Front End - @jonfaustman & ?
  • Backend - @dstegelman & ?

Some of the features we've talked about include:

  • blog posts and comments
  • event list
  • presentation submission and voting
  • member profiles
  • bar specials API
Blog posts and comments

This is self-explanatory, but will probably end up being the biggest and most important part of the site. Not only would we like to add recaps and videos of presentations as posts, but members (and possibly non-members) can write relevant blog posts between gatherings. While I generally dislike comment sections, I think it will be valuable here as a means to continue discussion about presentations. I think cross- posting (from your personal site, work, etc.) will be more than welcome, as long as the content is solid.

Event list

The event list is just a listing and details of upcoming events. Again, self-explanatory but important.

Presentation submission and voting

People wanting to give presentations will submit a short description of their prospective presentation. Members (of the site) will then have the ability to vote on which presentations they would like to see the most. The top votes would be the next presentations.This gives us a good idea of what people are interested in and allows members to control what they'll see.

We need to ensure we keep this fair (possibly no speaker name) so that people vote for what's truly interesting. If we intend to keep gatherings focused on a variety of topics, we'll have to take that into account as well.

Member profiles

People will be able to create profiles on the website, which will probably include different levels of membership. Founder, speaker, member, guest, etc. What should these levels of membership be? How/ when can they be changed? Should there be incentives for participation?

While this is certainly not about creating recognition for ourselves, I do think those of us who put time/energy into making this happen should be acknowledged.

Bar specials API

While not part of Refresh Manhattan, this is something Derek and I have been talking about for a long time, so I think it will be a nice feature of the site, and could increase traffic.

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