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Div’s Blog

Deploy Status

About me

I’m a JavaScript engineer working with React, React Native, GraphQL and Node. I also create programming videos with my friend. In my spare time I play music and DoTA.

You may follow me on twitter for latest updates.


  • Creating series of blog posts. An easy way to link them.
  • Bookmarking posts #1
  • Discuss/share on Twitter or GitHub #2
  • Heart posts #3
  • Uses page #5
  • About page #6
  • Favorite quotes
  • Interesting lists (games, podcasts, etc.)
  • Dynamically switch dark mode based on system settings
  • Offline ready
  • Favorite books


The source code is licensed under MIT. Please feel free to use and share it.

All rights reserved for the content. Its alright to share snippets or part of the content with proper attribution. It’s not okay to copy paste an entire post (with or without attribution). Please contact me in this case.

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