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Adobe Ex-Nihilo

This site was built for a contest conducted as a part of Cognizance 2011.

This site is the contest site for a fictitious company Lebensraum worth $50 billion. The site is meant to promote its new SUV - Meister.

The actual problem statement required the use of HTML5 and CSS3 media queries.

See: ExNihiloStage.pdf for the problem statement.


To see how the site performs:

Install Python Prerequisites

sudo apt-get install python-django
sudo easy_install djangoratings
sudo easy_install simplejson

Install Server Side Javascript Prerequisites

sudo apt-get install nodejs (or alternatively, get node.js from github and follow the instructions)
Install `npm` from
sudo npm install node-static

Install yui-compressor to minimize CSS and JS

sudo apt-get install yui-compressor

Install sqlite3 (if not present)

sudo apt-get install sqlite3

Create a local database copy

cd exnihilo
./ syncdb
cd ..

Run the development server

make runserver

View the site at http://localhost:8000/

Note: a sample httpd.conf and exnihilo/apache/django.wsgi is supplied for production mode.

Listing of Tech Used for the Contest

Adobe Photoshop Adobe Illustrator Adobe After Effects CS4 Adobe Dreamweaver CS5 (media query and multiscreen preview features)

AJAX YUI-reset YUI-compressor node.js less.js node-static jquery and libraries CSS3 HTML5 python WSGI django make gcc git