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DiWaCS is a project collaboration tool for Windows.

(c) 2012-2013 DiWa project by Strategic Usability Research Group STRATUS, Aalto University School of Science.

Basic description of the system

The system is more than just the software, it is a room that has been equipped with the software for the purpose of researching usability.

The system is equipped to handle projects. It offers an interface in which files can be stored into projects. Projects can be additionally "hidden" behind a password but this is not a real security feature, more like an extra. Corporate users should anyways implement their own password protection for the system

Project can contain sessions these represent the time that users have interacted with the project. Creating a session for a project is optional but some features are only enabled while a session is on.

The projects can have events that represent important events of the project. For example when an important conclusion has been reached. When these events are triggered the software also tries to capture screenshots of all the visible screens and take a snapshot from the room camera. The software also records constantly audio from the room and will save a recording around the time the event fired.

Setup instructions

The most crucial part of the system is the database. You should deploy a database before installing the system. The system has been developed using MySQL server, but it has been tested succesfully on PostgreSQL also. After you have setup the database and installed the software (or otherwise set up an running environment for it) you should configure the config.ini file found under you home directory ~\.wos\config.ini and can be edited using plaintext editors.

It is noteworthy to know that you need to have the database connection configured (password, username, databasename) before running the software or the software will just display a notice that it could not connect to the database and shutdown. This behaviour should be removed from the software and more user friendly way of editing the config to be implemented. It does already support in GUI editing of screen name, visibility and the permission to run shell commands sent by the server.

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