Hestia Pure is a Hugo theme based on Pure CSS.
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Hestia Pure

Hestia Pure is a simple hugo theme, based Pure.


Installation & Usage

Clone this repository to your hugo theme directory.

$ git clone https://github.com/diwao/hestia-pure.git themes/
$ hugo server --theme=hestia-pure --buildDrafts --watch


In this theme you can add variables to your site config file. The following is the example config:

baseurl = "https://diwao.com/"
languageCode = "ja"
title = “diwao’s diary“
theme = 'hestia-pure'

 author = 'diwao'
 profile = 'I am a frontend engineer working in Sendai City, Japan.'
 image = 'image/theme/profile.jpg'

 localeOgp = "ja"
 description = "This site is diwao's blog."
 keywords = "Sendai,Mac,iPhone,Web"
 twitter = "otaman517"
 github = "diwao"
 facebook = "diwaocom"
 googleanalytics = "UA-12345678-9"
 googlecustomsearch = "xxxxxxxxx"


MIT License


Daisuke Iwao