Thin but safe ALSA wrappers for Rust
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Thin but safe wrappers for ALSA.

API Documentation

Expect the following to work:

  • Audio Playback

  • Audio Recording

  • Mixer controls

  • HCtl API (for jack detection)

  • Raw midi

  • Midi sequencer API (most of it)

  • Enumerations of all of the above

  • Poll and/or wait for all of the above

The following is not yet implemented (mostly because nobody asked for them) :

  • Separate timer API (snd_timer_*)

  • Config API (snd_config_*)

  • Plug-in API

Quickstart guide / API design:

  • Most functions map 1-to-1 to alsa-lib functions, e g, ctl::CardInfo::get_id() is a wrapper around snd_ctl_card_info_get_id and the alsa-lib documentation can be consulted for additional information.

  • Structs are RAII and closed/freed on drop, e g, when a PCM struct is dropped, snd_pcm_close is called.

  • To read and write buffers, call the io_* methods. It will return a separate struct from which you can read or write, and which can also be used for mmap (if supported by the driver).

  • Error handling - most alsa-lib functions can return errors, so the return value from these is a Result.

  • Enumeration of cards, devices etc is done through structs implementing Iterator.

  • Many structs implement Polldescriptors, to combine with poll or mio. (Or just use wait if you don't need that functionality.)