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BBK Open Science
Festival de la Ciencia Abierta y Participativa (Participatory and Open Science Festival)
BILBOROCK, Mesedeetako Kaia, 1, 48003 Bilbao, Bizkaia
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open science
citizen science
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January 18-20, 2019: Biohacking & Open Labs Fest for citizens to enjoy science-making in a practical, participatory, social, fun, and transdiciplinary way
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We want to awaken that scientist we all have inside. We want you to discover the life that is part of you and your environment. We want to eliminate borders between disciplines so that you always find something that interests you. We want to demystify science so that you can enjoy it in a social, playful and festive environment. We want to democratize science because we believe that we should all have the right to practice it. We want to lay the foundations to open the first science laboratory open to the public in Bizkaia. We want to train, train and empower citizens of any age, profession and gender. We want to create a community of amateurs and fans of science, offer programming and spaces for their practice, facilitate the development of multidisciplinary projects, products or services that benefit society and improve our relationship with the environment.