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Our Philosophy

Our Mission

Provide an open platform to share DIYbio initiatives and learn about and from others; fostering opportunities and potentials where the DIYbio community can connect, meet, support, and work together.

Our Vision

For the DIYbiosphere to be more than an index, a list, a database, or a directory of DIYbio initiatives. But to be a valuable resource for the DIYbio community and other actors.

Our Values

The way that we work, collaborate, and engage with other members of the DIYbiosphere community should always value:

  • Openness: to enable contributors to (re)use and modify the project and participate in its development, and to keep communication public and transparent (except when sensitive) as a way to encourage open conversations and maintain a memory of them.
  • Equality: ensure anyone can participate by creating an inclusive and friendly environment. Encourage wider use and greater participation by making things accessible, easy to use and to contribute.
  • Respect: treat each other with kindness and value others' contributions, opinions, and beliefs. Do not be mean or insulting. Harassment and other exclusionary behavior are not acceptable.
  • Collaboration: nurture a culture that fosters working together. To trust each others judgments and areas of expertise. We also urge contributors to actively participate and take on responsibilities in the project.
  • Community: to permeate a sense of community in everything we do. Understand that we need to work together and depend on each others' work, help, and skills.

We have a [Code of Conduct] which establishes a common understanding of what is deemed a welcoming and friendly working environment as well as establishing how to deal with unacceptable behavior and its consequences.

Our Governance

We are committed to be as open as possible while maintaining a sense of structure that is able to clearly define roles and responsibilities for contributors. We do this by coordinating members of the development community through an organization account in GitHub: [DIYbiosphere Organization]. Learn more about our Board members and Working Teams, in our [Community][development community] page.