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Support Us

Interested in helping our project? There are several ways you can support us!

Raise notoriety about the project

  • Share this project with your friends and followers! They might be interested in using the project to find DIYbio initiatives or adding their own!
  • Star the [repository][sphere repository] on GitHub starring helps attract potential contributors, especially expert and master developers!

Contribute to the project

  • Writing Entries [Add] a new entry: whether it's your initiative or someone else's, or [edit] content: misspellings, outdated or wrong information, help us maintain the project.
  • Resolving our [GitHub Issues] submit an issue yourself with a suggestion or report a bug. Help by answering, or voting on issues. Tackle issues yourself and commit changes to the repo!

Get involved with the development

  • Become a developer Become a member of the [development community]. [Request membership][join] and enjoy greater permission levels.
  • Join the conversation You can freely join the Gitter chatroom at [][gitter], or contact a member to request an invite to our Slack at [][slack].

Provide some funding for the project

  • Donate to through PayPal Make sure to specify "DIYbiosphere" in the purpose comment box.