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APM Plane, APM Copter, APM Rover source
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APMrover2 Rover: define and send FIRMWARE_VERSION
AntennaTracker Tracker: define and send FIRMWARE_VERSION
ArduCopter Copter: version to 3.3.2-rc2
ArduPlane Plane: define and send FIRMWARE_VERSION
Tools Tools: allow script to fixup a single file
docs docs: allow docs build to output to another directory
libraries AC_PosControl: run velocity controller z-axis at 400hz
mk PX4: enable probe of MPU9250 if available
modules PX4Firmware: submodule update
.editorconfig all: Change the editorconfig so that it won't want to reformat
.gitattributes Revert ".gitattributes: automatically clean up newlines in source files"
.gitignore Git: ignore logs, mav.parm for plane, rover
.gitmodules modules: added git submodules for PX4 build
.pydevproject AP_Relay: add -1:Disabled to list of param values
.travis.yml Travis: removed parallism from coverity build Update
COPYING.txt cmake overhaul, cleaned up readme, added license Working on doxygen support.
Makefile build: simple top level makefile Maintainers: added Michael as uBlox maintainer
Vagrantfile Fix vagrant build issues with submodules.
eclipse.cproject Eclipse: template project files
eclipse.project Eclipse: template project files better commit message for uncrustify
uncrustify_cpp.cfg fixes to preprocessor retab settings
uncrustify_headers.cfg small changes to uncrustify_headers.cft

ArduPilot Project


The ArduPilot project is made up of:

ArduCopter (or APM:Copter) : code, wiki

ArduPlane (or APM:Plane) : code, wiki

ArduRover (or APMrover2) : code, wiki

Antenna Tracker : code, wiki

User Support & Discussion Forums

APM Forum:

Community Site:

Developer Information

Github repository:

Main developer wiki:

Developer email group:


Github statistics

ArduPilot is part of, a Linux Foundation collaborative project.

Dronecode encompasses projects that control flight, enable mission planning, and otherwise make drone flight and advanced functionality possible.

Dronecode development is done at the project level with coordinating and resource allocation performed by the TSC and the Board.

For information on the foundation please visit and for further information or contact

How To Get Involved

The ArduPilot project is open source and we encourage participation and code contributions: guidelines for contributors to the ardupilot codebase

We have an active group of Beta Testers especially for ArduCopter to help us find bugs: release procedures

Desired Enhancements and Bugs can be posted to the issues list.

Helping other users with log analysis on and the APM forums is always appreciated:

There is a group of wiki editors as well in case documentation is your thing:

Developer discussions occur on


Overview of license

Full Text


Ardupilot is comprised of several parts, vehicles and boards. The list below contains the people that regularly contribute to the project and are responsible for reviewing patches on their specific area. See for more information.

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