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APM Plane, APM Copter, APM Rover source
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APMrover2 Rover: Frsky telemtry change move parameter to init of the class
AntennaTracker AntennaTracker: updates for new AP_Baro API
ArduCopter Copter: Frsky telemtry change move parameter to init of the class
ArduPlane Plane: raise version to 3.2.3 and update release notes
FollowMe FollowMe: avoid integer underflow in mavlink txspace check
Tools Travis: use separate pip commands to find travis issue
docs docs: allow docs build to output to another directory
libraries InertialSensor: remove product_id set to zero
mk PX4: simplify ms5611 startup
.editorconfig all: Change the editorconfig so that it won't want to reformat
.gitignore Git: ignore autotest.lck and index.html
.pydevproject AP_Relay: add -1:Disabled to list of param values
.travis.yml Travis: use Update
COPYING.txt cmake overhaul, cleaned up readme, added license Working on doxygen support. documentation: Add a contributing & maintainers file Added Gitter badge
Vagrantfile SITL: Numerous improvements to vagrant image and easier SITL for mac/… better commit message for uncrustify
uncrustify_cpp.cfg fixes to preprocessor retab settings
uncrustify_headers.cfg small changes to uncrustify_headers.cft

ArduPilot Project


The ArduPilot project is made up of:

ArduCopter (or APM:Copter) : code, wiki

ArduPlane (or APM:Plane) : code, wiki

ArduRover (or APMrover2) : code, wiki

Antenna Tracker : code, wiki

User Support & Discussion Forums

APM Forum:

Community Site:

Developer Information

Github repository:

Main developer wiki:

Developer email group:


Github statistics

How To Get Involved

The ArduPilot project is open source and we encourage participation and code contributions: guidelines for contributors to the ardupilot codebase

We have an active group of Beta Testers especially for ArduCopter to help us find bugs: release procedures

Desired Enhancements and Bugs can be posted to the issues list.

Helping other users with log analysis on and the APM forums is always appreciated:

There is a group of wiki editors as well in case documentation is your thing:

Developer discussions occur on


Overview of license

Full Text

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