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Old doccuments, need updating
v1.0 errata

PXF ( current boards are 1.4)

Gitter This is the new Repository for the PXF Linux AutoPilot.

this Project will alow the porting of ArduPilot to Linux, allowing us to add a multitude of other features to the Autopilot.

The actual Autopilot code will still be in the ArduPilot repo.

This Repo will house the Hardware Schematics, Datasheets, and software specific to the PXF project.

Version 1 of this project is a cape for the BBB.

This project is for developers, it will NOT be supported by the DIYDrones or Ardupilot support forums for general users.

This means we do not expect that this board will be plug and play, nor do we intend it to be.