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DIY lights with support for diyHue
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Create your own diyHue compatible Lights!

Steps to Follow:

  • Select the correct Sketch according to your Harware Setup (e.g. WS2812b)

  • Upload Firmware to Microcontroller with Arduino IDE (No Changes to Code)

  • Connect Hardware (LEDs) and Powersupply

  • Connect to ESP8266 WiFi (e.g. search for new WiFi on Smartphone) --> "Hue rgb strip

  • Browse --> Connect ESP8266 to your local WiFi

  • Check and browse local IP of ESP8266

    • Configure Light from WEB UI (Number of Emulated Lights, Total Number of connected LEDs)
    • Rename you new diyHue Light
  • HUE APP: Add new created diyHue Light within APP by searching for new Devices.

More Information is available in our documentation


The following is a set of guidelines for contributing to diyHue Lights. These are mostly guidelines, not rules. Use your best judgment, and feel free to propose changes to this document in a pull request.

Building with travis

In order for your sketch to be built with travis, please upload only the sketch.ino file in a folder within the Arduino dir. Please make sure that the folder and sketch name are exactly the same, ignoring the extension. For example the sketch would be saved in Lights/Arudino/Generic_Fun_Light/ and called Generic_Fun_Light.ino.

Also within you PR, please create a commit to .travis.yml, adding a line in the matrix section. This should be in the format - SKETCH="YOUR_SKETCH_NAME_HERE". Following the above example, .travis.yml would look like:

    - SKETCH="Generic_RGBW_Light"
    - SKETCH="Generic_RGB_Light"
    - SKETCH="Generic_CCT_Light"
    - SKETCH="Generic_RGB_CCT_Light"
    - SKETCH="Generic_WS2812_Strip"
    - SKETCH="Generic_SK6812_Strip"
    - SKETCH="Generic_Fun_Strip"

Finaly, if your sketch requires any of the libraries not installed on this line of, then please add a commit adding them.

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