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Run without Apache/Nginx/php-fpm! A PHP Framework based on Workerman to help build your website!
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Run without Apache/Nginx/php-fpm! A PHP Framework based on Workerman to help build your website! mailto: QQ:529189858


  • Memory Resident and Multi-process: Load code once, and run stably and blazing fast on PHP socket connections with multiple processes. Based on Workerman.
  • Lazy autoload: Almose every class is autoloaded, and for sure, only once, then it stays in memory.
  • VHost Support: Multiple domain resolution supported and seperate routing rules can be set for each domain.
  • Flexible Routing Rules: Just like Laravel, ThinkPHP and others.
  • Db & Model: Using Eloquent ORM, from the famous Laravel.
  • View: Using Smarty engine as template engine, fast & simple.
  • Static Resource Server: everything in public directory is accessible.
  • of course composer is supported. psr4
  • yes, WE HAVE Task Queue BUILT INSIDE! File driver or Database driver is implemented so far. And they are all multi-process safe! Database driver supports distributed deployment.
  • Debug & Tracing: turn on debug mode, and you will have details and tracings for exceptions, request information and stuff...

Now ThinkWorker is still in the progress moving forward to a very first stable version. Please try out, play around and maybe open an issue when running into problems :)

If you have any questions, don't hesitate sumbit an issue on Github :) I'll reply soon.


Workerman Engine is in the directory (thinkworker\lib\workerman), and the uploaded one is for Windows. If you wanna run this on Linux, you can replace the content of this directory with the linux version of Workerman.

Very Quick Start

Simply Run The Command: php start.php start Then open your browser, visit localhost!

Now Progress

version: 1.0.0 alpha

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