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1.3.1 03/27/2012 f0f692456956fe2e414ef8205d0268259901644a
Stats! { 'collaborators' => 32, 'downloads' => 527366, 'forks' => 392, 'open_issues' => 27, 'watchers' => 1901 }
MVP! George Scott
Preserves change_id. Support for checking sync status via reload. thanks George Scott
Changed #insync? to #ready?. thanks George Scott
avoid using constants (Rails loads files multiple times, issue #807). thanks Decklin Foster
Make usage of #state rather than #status consistent. thanks Decklin Foster
Add clone/destroy methods and tests to Image. thanks Decklin Foster
Add request test for list_vlans and fix mock. thanks Decklin Foster
Restore storage_area, platform_version, clone_status Volume attributes. thanks Decklin Foster
Allow custom headers in Storage#put_object_url. thanks Jacob Mattingley
Use https_url instead of deprecated url for put_object_url. thanks Jacob Mattingley
Adding Vlan class to IBM SmartCloud. thanks Joe Kinsella
bump excon dep to get jruby openssl fixes. thanks geemus
properly update content-type at save time for file models. thanks geemus
1.3.0 03/21/2012 f78afe98242a60ae4dbbfcd8c5ab67ba71c6d773
Stats! { 'collaborators' => 32, 'downloads' => 513974, 'forks' => 387, 'open_issues' => 24, 'watchers' => 1893 }
MVP! Decklin Foster
GitHub Edit! s/prodide/provide/ :v:. thanks Dylan Egan
fix region/host for us-east-1. thanks geemus
Added Mocking and Tests. thanks Carl Hicks
Moar convenience methods for servers. thanks Carl Hicks
Update model for Volume. thanks Carl Hicks
Added request tests for addresses. thanks Carl Hicks
Initial IBM SmartCloud support. thanks Decklin Foster
Add Location model and requests. thanks Decklin Foster
Rename collection requests get->list so we have get_foo and list_foos. thanks Decklin Foster
Don't need json_body, so we can simplify requests; remove unused params. thanks Decklin Foster
Pass optional params to requests with hashes. thanks Decklin Foster
Add a InstanceType model, returned as part of Images. thanks Decklin Foster
Rename model test files into compute, storage dirs. thanks Decklin Foster
Remove trailing whitespace. thanks Decklin Foster
Update tests to match model arguments (attribs hash) and lower-level request methods. thanks Decklin Foster
Update mocks to reflect moving volume models from from compute to storage. thanks Decklin Foster
Add some missing mocks, fix list_instances. thanks Decklin Foster
Raise NotFound in mock instead of returning a 404. thanks Decklin Foster
Fix form_encode to stringify args (e.g. booleans) to URI.escape. thanks Decklin Foster
Typos in state names and status vs. state. thanks Decklin Foster
Fix key model for passing public_key, add setting/testing whether key is default. thanks Decklin Foster
Setting default key returns success, not key name. thanks Decklin Foster
Typo, assignment instead of equality, made some tests incorrectly pass. thanks Decklin Foster
Flesh out modify_instance and modify_key for different modes. thanks Decklin Foster
Restarting should return success, changing expiration should only return time. thanks Decklin Foster
Delete instance mock should return success. thanks Decklin Foster
Remove IBM from flavors tests. thanks Decklin Foster
Make names used in tests unique using current time. thanks Decklin Foster
Add vlan_id attrib so that it can be used in creating an instance. thanks Decklin Foster
Return nil for public_hostname if primary_ip unset (e.g. state is Failed). thanks Decklin Foster
Change default location and image ID. thanks Decklin Foster
Rename ibm_user_id -> ibm_username. thanks Decklin Foster
Create temporary keys in tests that need to create instances. thanks Decklin Foster
servers are not sorted, don't assume we can just take the last. thanks Decklin Foster
create_image should do a PUT, not a POST, and needs 'state' param. thanks Decklin Foster
Correct spelling of test volume format ('RAW') and fix parameter typo. thanks Decklin Foster
Rename data -> body. thanks Decklin Foster
Don't reboot or immediately expire, interferes with other tests. thanks Decklin Foster
Use Raleigh location for tests. thanks Decklin Foster
Nullable formats for attributes that may not be returned. thanks Decklin Foster
Set expire a few seconds in the future since it takes a while to process. thanks Decklin Foster
Return nil if instance_id is nil. thanks Decklin Foster
Can't access Fog::Compute::IBM::Location class from here, just check if ID returned. thanks Decklin Foster
servers.length will include already existing servers. thanks Decklin Foster
Add state and ready? method to Image. thanks Decklin Foster
Change public key format. thanks Decklin Foster
vlan is part of primaryIP. thanks Decklin Foster
Rename root_only -> is_mini_ephemeral. thanks Decklin Foster
Description is mandatory. thanks Decklin Foster
Wait for instance to be ready before deleting it or creating image. thanks Decklin Foster
Add state/ready? methods for Address. thanks Decklin Foster
Expiration time should be epoch in ms. thanks Decklin Foster
launched_at convenience method. thanks Decklin Foster
Don't set server to nil. thanks Decklin Foster
Set a longer timeout on all wait_for calls. thanks Decklin Foster
Generated key needs different name, supplied key only returns success. thanks Decklin Foster
Invalid instance creation will return a 412 and thus raise PreconditionFailed. thanks Decklin Foster
Don't calculate expiration time until ready to make the request. thanks Decklin Foster
Fix volume formats and mocks. thanks Decklin Foster
Wait for volume to be ready before deleting. thanks Decklin Foster
Mark volume attach/detach pending, won't create instance. thanks Decklin Foster
Return pending if provisioning times out in the real tests. thanks Decklin Foster
adding documentation. thanks Wyatt Walter
add bin helpers for storage. thanks geemus
ovirt added support for 'set vm ticket'. This api call is needed for openning a console to the server. thanks Amos Benari
wrangled security tests into working. thanks Eric Stonfer
Changes to the security group handling: * CreateSecurityGroup now includes the group id in the reply, this patch makes the code store this * The patch also changes the delete call to use the group id if present (since you must use the id when deleting VPC groups). thanks MaF
Changes to the security group handling: * CreateSecurityGroup now includes the group id in the reply, this patch makes the code store this * The patch also changes the delete call to use the group id if present (since you must use the id when deleting VPC groups) * Fix teh security group mock and test code to handle this new behavior. thanks MaF
Removed merge commit. thanks MaF
add Kevin Menard to future MVP exclusion list. thanks geemus
fix hardcoded host in get_object_http(s)_url methods. thanks geemus
1.2.0 03/19/2012 70e0f48fa446dbf233ae31c4f055eb26ea2dadd1
Stats! { 'collaborators' => 30, 'downloads' => 508132, 'forks' => 384, 'open_issues' => 23, 'watchers' => 1874 }
MVP! Kevin Menard
Compute: The security group parser was not parsing groupid properly. thanks Christopher Oliver
table requests. thanks geemus
cleanup/fixes for tables. thanks geemus
item requests. thanks geemus
update item should not be idempotent when an action is specified. thanks geemus
fix for UpdateItem idempotency. thanks geemus
first pass at query/scan requests. thanks geemus
ConsumedCapacityUnits should be a Float. thanks geemus
add missing pending for mocked tests. thanks geemus
Added support for InstanceProtocol to listeners. thanks James Stremick
Updating listener and LB tests to include InstancePort checks. thanks James Stremick
versioning related fixes copy_object mocks. thanks geemus
fix for put_bucket_website mock. thanks geemus
remove redundant mock setup in tests #731. thanks geemus
fix for versioned copy_object. thanks geemus
Updates to format tests. thanks Paul Thornthwaite
Updated Server output format. thanks Paul Thornthwaite
Updated format test to use correct link name. thanks Paul Thornthwaite
Updated Image format for min_ram attribute. thanks Paul Thornthwaite
Updated LoadBalancer format to include listeners in listing. thanks Paul Thornthwaite
Updated format for nested firewall policies. thanks Paul Thornthwaite
Merge in various spec corrections. thanks Paul Thornthwaite
Update format test to not fail on new attributes in JSON. thanks Paul Thornthwaite
Load balancer listener timeouts are now reported. thanks Paul Thornthwaite
Correct server snapshot test. thanks Paul Thornthwaite
match auth response to stable/diablo branch of keystone. thanks Todd Willey
set put_object to idempotent. thanks geemus
add sts helper. thanks geemus
Fixed failing instance tests. thanks Christopher Oliver
Update API version and support new DescribeInstanceStatus format. thanks Dan Peterson
Fix allocate_address mocking. thanks Dan Peterson
Mock detach_volume should raise proper error if volume is not attached. thanks Dan Peterson
added group id to security group parser and model. thanks bdorry
added security group get by id method. thanks bdorry
Record identity is 'Name'. thanks Aaron Suggs
Add Record#modify method. thanks Aaron Suggs
Add model tests. thanks Aaron Suggs
add test for Record#modify. thanks Aaron Suggs
Parse IsTruncated as boolean in list_resource_record_set. thanks Aaron Suggs
Add support for aliasing records to Elastic Load Balancers (API 2011-05-05). thanks James Miller
start working on policies. :v:. thanks Dylan Egan
create policies, describe policies, fix old mocking and yup. :v:. thanks Dylan Egan
PolicyNotFound. :v:. thanks Dylan Egan
remove test debugging. :v:. thanks Dylan Egan
actually raise a PolicyNotFound. :v:. thanks Dylan Egan
InstanceProtocol support. :v:. thanks Dylan Egan
crapiness and hacks. :v:. thanks Dylan Egan
Mock upload_server_certificate errors if private key is not RSA. thanks Dan Peterson
P. :v:. thanks Dylan Egan
Mock DB snapshot requests. thanks Aaron Suggs
Enabled model tests that pass when mocking. thanks Aaron Suggs
Simple multipart uploads; supports files > 5GB. thanks Aaron Suggs
Automatically abort multipart uploads on exceptions. thanks Aaron Suggs
Add mock for Fog::Storage::AWS#put_bucket_website. thanks Garret Alfert
Handle S3 object deletions in the face of versioning. thanks Kevin Menard
Return the object version in the request header and set an attribute value in the model. thanks Kevin Menard
Allow options to be passed to the destroy method, facilitating passing of versionId. thanks Kevin Menard
Added ability to control bucket versioning from Directory model. thanks Kevin Menard
Added the ability to fetch a list of versions from a file. thanks Kevin Menard
Allow passing of options to fetching versions. thanks Kevin Menard
Added the pagination offset params to the get_object_bucket_versions parser. thanks Kevin Menard
Added the MfaDelete value to the get_bucket_versioning parser. thanks Kevin Menard
Fix put bucket website test, request returns not found when the bucket does not exist. thanks Peter Weldon
Add bucket lifecycle / object expiration requests. thanks Peter Weldon
make head_object idempotent. thanks geemus
direct https urls to subdomains even with dots this may result in ssl warnings, but that seems better than the alternative (redirects) see #611. thanks geemus
use a random directory key; prevent collision. thanks Aaron Suggs
Mark multipart upload test as pending. thanks Aaron Suggs
Added mock support for setting and retrieving versioning on a bucket. thanks Kevin Menard
Added in versioning support for S3 objects, sans deletion markers. thanks Kevin Menard
Track if the version is the latest or not. thanks Kevin Menard
Basic handling of version-id-marker. thanks Kevin Menard
Added the ability to get_object by versionId. thanks Kevin Menard
Added S3 versioning support for delete_object. thanks Kevin Menard
Deal with suspended buckets properly. thanks Kevin Menard
Added request tests for put_bucket_versioning and get_bucket_versioning. thanks Kevin Menard
Added tests for get_bucket_object_versions. thanks Kevin Menard
Added request test for get_object with versioning. thanks Kevin Menard
Added request tests for delete_object with versioning. thanks Kevin Menard
Added failing request test for delete_object with versioning. thanks Kevin Menard
Added in some file and directory model tests. thanks Kevin Menard
Added model tests for versioning Directory and File models. thanks Kevin Menard
Added tests for the Version model. thanks Kevin Menard
Added versioning test for Files collection. thanks Kevin Menard
Added versioning tests for Versions collection. thanks Kevin Menard
Added versioning test for Files#head. thanks Kevin Menard
Removed a commented-out test. thanks Kevin Menard
Make sure tests pass with both mocking enabled and disabled. thanks Kevin Menard
Fixed a regression with mocked get_bucket requests, due to a change in the mock data ordering. thanks Kevin Menard
Fixed handling of options in mocked get_bucket_object_versions. thanks Kevin Menard
Replaced random ETag implementation with MD5, per S3 docs. thanks Kevin Menard
make get_*_token requests idempotent. thanks geemus
avoid one remaining error with mocked tests. thanks geemus
Fix warning in ruby 1.8.7. thanks Aaron Suggs
added additional networking support and volume management commands. thanks Brian Dorry
added unit tests. thanks Brian Dorry
skip ssl verification. thanks geemus
merged in upstream. thanks bdorry
added ssh key support, snapshot policy support. thanks bdorry
added update resource count action. thanks bdorry
fix for describe_images parser that accidently split records. thanks geemus
fix error in describe_security_groups parser closes #678. thanks geemus
added basic cloudstack list support. thanks bdorry
added user management support. thanks bdorry
added domain management support. thanks bdorry
added domain management support, added documentation links to existing cloudstack requests. thanks bdorry
no need to expand the already exanded __LIB_DIR__. thanks geemus
update connection to use new excon response_block format. thanks geemus
Update GitHub repository references from geemus/fog to fog/fog. thanks Benjamin Manns
Pass zone.records.all options through to get_node_list. thanks Dan Peterson
fix for changes in api. thanks Anton Lindström
rename _test files to _tests for shindo. thanks geemus
make password required. thanks geemus
fix format of joyent to match real output and remove mock-only test. thanks geemus
Fix Local::File deletion for Ruby 1.8. thanks Benjamin Manns
Add copy_object method to Local::Storage. thanks Benjamin Manns
Add copy method to Local::File. thanks Benjamin Manns
whitespace. thanks Aaron Suggs
fix typo in comment. thanks Aaron Suggs
whitespace cleanup. thanks Aaron Suggs
Refactor to support ruby 1.8.7. thanks Aaron Suggs
Whoops, don't need to require digest/md5. thanks Aaron Suggs
whitespace. thanks Aaron Suggs
Adds Supprt for oVirt ( thanks Amos Benari
oVirt: Added tests to work on both real and mock. thanks Amos Benari
Removing duplicates from reservation's groupSet. thanks Artem
Remove coverage Rake task. thanks Benjamin Manns
Remove a step that referenced a private config file. thanks Bob Briski
updated cloudstack tests for user level permissions, added ssh key, disk offering, service offering, os type, security group tests. thanks Brian Dorry
Adding update_firewall_rule request. thanks Caius Durling
Correct an error with long keys where Base64.encode64 would add "\n" at 60 chars. thanks Chris Hasenpflug
Use gsub for Ruby 1.8.7 compatibility. thanks Chris Hasenpflug
Correct copy & paste error. thanks Chris Hasenpflug
implement #scp_download method to allow downloads in addition to uploads via scp. alias #scp method as #scp_upload. thanks Christoph Schiessl
tests for scp_download. thanks Christoph Schiessl
Removed various 'puts' statements... thanks Christopher Oliver
fix for free choice of region. thanks Daniel Schweighoefer
save the region in a instance variable. thanks Daniel Schweighoefer
rounding out API coverage in 'Virtual Machine section. thanks David Nalley
mock #create_user and #create_access_keys". thanks Edward Muller
fix typo. thanks Edward Muller
Enable Shindo tests for the mocked methods. thanks Edward Muller
Refactor mock data structure. thanks Edward Muller
mock #put_user_policy. thanks Edward Muller
Mock out #list_users. thanks Edward Muller
Mock #delete_user_policy. thanks Edward Muller
Move this is Mock.key_id and don't default the path. thanks Edward Muller
Add group mock data. thanks Edward Muller
Use #has_key? instead of #keys.include?. thanks Edward Muller
rework these to use #tap instead. Cleaner IMNSHO. thanks Edward Muller
Additional mocks. thanks Edward Muller
missing raise. thanks Edward Muller
DescribeVolumeStatus. thanks Edward Muller
Add code to support the creation and modification of security groups existing in a VPC. thanks Eric Stonfer
modified security group tests to accomodate the new security group data model. Also allowed permissions to be nil in the security tests for groups with no ACLs. thanks Eric Stonfer
Change default for vpc_id from '' to nil. thanks Eric Stonfer
fixed a conditional that was assigining = rather than evaluating == in vsphere clone routine. This resulted in cloning from folders always failing. thanks Eric Stonfer
Add the ability to create linked clones in vsphere. thanks Eric Stonfer
whitespace fix. thanks Eric Stonfer
whitespace fix. thanks Eric Stonfer
add a linked clone test scenario, set the vm_clone test to wait, and clean up old servers after the VM clone test. thanks Eric Stonfer
linked clone tests. thanks Eric Stonfer
This patch allows the ability to create 'blank' vms in vsphere. thanks Eric Stonfer
fix list_virtual_machines when using :folder. thanks Eric Stonfer
add vm reconfiguration functions for memory cpu / generic spec. thanks Eric Stonfer
add subnet and vpc info to instance gets. thanks Eric Stonfer
fixed a typo in vm_power_on_tests.rb. thanks Eric Stonfer
make eips useable in a VPC. thanks Eric Stonfer
associate EIPs in a vpc. thanks Eric Stonfer
update autoscaling groups to allow the use of recurrence, start and end times. thanks Eric Stonfer
realized that @activity was actually not used. thanks Eric Stonfer
fixed some whitespace issues in auto_scaling tests. Fixed auto_scaling tests formats. thanks Eric Stonfer
add host based vmotion. thanks Eric Stonfer
basic VPC creation. thanks Eric Stonfer
[aws]Add in subnets. thanks Eric Stonfer
enable_metrics_collection requires a granularity argument (1Minute is the only legal value). thanks Frederick Cheung
New file additions for AWS Elastic Beanstalk support. thanks George Scott
Added beanstalk service to AWS Provider. thanks George Scott
Unit tests for beanstalk. thanks George Scott
Now sets pending when mocking for all beanstalk model tests. thanks George Scott
environment now uses name as identity. thanks George Scott
Added additional convenience methods to application. thanks George Scott
remove rubygems require from core.rb. thanks Hemant Kumar
Reset the alias_target hash for good measure. thanks James Miller
Add a test for ALIAS records. thanks James Miller
Cleanups and crazy long sleep to ensure ALIAS zone is found. thanks James Miller
Fix linked clone mocked test unhandled exception. thanks Jeff McCune
(maint) Whitespace and format only clean up. thanks Jeff McCune
added support for server-side encryption on s3. thanks John Parker
Switch from NewServers to BareMetalCloud for #773. thanks John Wang
Add deprecation warning. thanks John Wang
Fixed bug in SQS :receive_message mock. thanks Joshua Krall
Fixed a typo in the warning. thanks Kashif Rasul
One more typo fix. thanks Kashif Rasul
GH-690 Joyent Cloud Provider. thanks Kevin Chan
Credentials: cloudapi_* -> joyent_* for consistency. thanks Kevin Chan
Revert "[joyent|compute] make password required" This reverts commit 6e93321e29e69cc863aa9d78cdcf1c83203a2fa7. thanks Kevin Chan
Fixes dataset tests. thanks Kevin Chan
- Fixes tests to run in both mock and non-mock mode - Clean ups and fixes. thanks Kevin Chan
Cleanups + Fixes #get_machine test breaking when there are no machines. thanks Kevin Chan
cleanups + refactorings + better error reporting per joyent cloudapi spec. thanks Kevin Chan
Fixed #673: Zerigo DNS - update_host fails with some options. thanks Kevin Menard
Fixed a filename. thanks Kevin Menard
implement respond_to? corresponding to method_missing for VirtualBox and libvirt. thanks Konstantin Haase
Swap aws_access_key_id and aws_secret_access_key positions in hash to match typical usage convention. thanks Kyle Drake
When Exists boolean is not specified, this request is not idempotent. thanks Lance Carlson
Scan sort of acts like a GET request, which are idempotent. thanks Lance Carlson
Only do a 'head' on the file that we've copied - no need to go download it now, that would defeat the purpose. thanks Lars Pind
Improved support for SecurityGroup IDs. thanks MaF
We must create the VPC before we can create a security group in it. thanks MaF
Changed verify_permission_options in mocked version of authorize_security_group_ingress to accept any ipProtocol for vpc groups. Also changed the security group test to use protocol 42 when testing vpc security_groups. thanks MaF
Check if exception has a #response method before calling it, otherwise call #message. thanks Manuel Meurer
Fix sync_clock method, only rescue Excon::Errors::HTTPStatusError that are known to have a #response method, let all other exceptions bubble up. thanks Manuel Meurer
Updated excon to version ~>0.10.0. Closes #781. thanks Marc Seeger
include fission gem. thanks Michael Brodhead & Shai Rosenfeld
Move fission from reg dependency to dev dependency per comments on pull request #736. thanks Michael Brodhead & Shai Rosenfeld
adding required gem to run the tests. thanks Ohad Levy
first cut of cleaning up libvirt server class. thanks Ohad Levy
minor cleanups. thanks Ohad Levy
fixes libvirt wrong state check. thanks Ohad Levy
libvirt - avoids exception if a uuid is not found. thanks Ohad Levy
libvirt: servers return nil, not an empty array... thanks Ohad Levy
Added basic tests to Ovirt compute provider. thanks Ohad Levy
Added check if Fog.mock! should be used in AWS tests. thanks Paul Thornthwaite
Nix hardcoded regions: DynamoDB. thanks Pavel Repin
Nix hardcoded regions: Autoscaling. thanks Pavel Repin
Nix hardcoded regions: CloudFormation. thanks Pavel Repin
Nix hardcoded regions: CloudWatch. thanks Pavel Repin
Nix hardcoded regions: EC2. thanks Pavel Repin
Nix hardcoded regions: ElastiCache. thanks Pavel Repin
Nix hardcoded regions: ELB. thanks Pavel Repin
Nix hardcoded regions: EMR. thanks Pavel Repin
Nix hardcoded regions: RDS. thanks Pavel Repin
Nix hardcoded regions: SES. thanks Pavel Repin
Nix hardcoded regions: SimpleDB. thanks Pavel Repin
Nix hardcoded regions: SNS. thanks Pavel Repin
Nix hardcoded regions: SQS (us-east-1 is special). thanks Pavel Repin
Nix hardcoded regions: S3 (us-east-1 is special). thanks Pavel Repin
Fixing typo "retreive" -> "retrieve". thanks Pedro Nascimento
Add the ":idempotent => true" property to create_tags to fix an issue when launching many instance from cluster_chef. thanks Peter C. Norton
Ran M-x align-regexp on the hashrockets. thanks Peter C. Norton
Passing half of rds/instance_tests.rb shindo tests. thanks Rodrigo Estebanez
making shindo tests for security groups in rds. thanks Rodrigo Estebanez
Better rds/security_group_test. Mocking rds security_groups. thanks Rodrigo Estebanez
Support for rds parameter groups mocking. thanks Rodrigo Estebanez
[aws][auto_scaling] Bug fixed: configurations.get(launch-configuration) always shows the first element. thanks Rodrigo Estebanez
it doesn't throw an error when the launch configuration doesnt exist. thanks Rodrigo Estebanez
[aws][auto_scaling]. Support delete_launch_configuration mocking. thanks Rodrigo Estebanez
Added PrivateIpAddress to the list of valid parameters for instance creation. thanks Rusty Geldmacher
Add Ecloud version 2.8 as supported. thanks Shai Rosenfeld
support alias records in the route53 models. thanks Thom May
Remove unused comment / commented code. thanks Todd Willey
Fix intial public_url when saving using rackspace_cdn_ssl = true. thanks Zachary Danger Campbell
added virtual machine support and security group support. thanks bdorry
merged in 0.11.0 release. thanks bdorry
merged 1.0.0. thanks bdorry
remove latest MVP from future possibilities. thanks geemus
examples should use providers.values. thanks geemus
fix Fog::Nullable::Boolean to include true/false. thanks geemus
update copyright year. thanks geemus
use path style access for https public_urls that include . to avoid certificate issues closes #743. thanks geemus
fix AWS get_object_http(s)_url methods to properly use subdomain vs path urls as appropriate closes #611. thanks geemus
loosen multi-json dependency closes #757. thanks geemus
remove examples as they are not that helpful or well supported. thanks geemus
bump excon dep closes #799. thanks geemus
bump excon dep. thanks geemus
strip ARNs - AWS is sensitive to leading and trailing whitespace/cr/lf. thanks hedgehog
allow for bundler+rbenv best practice. thanks hedgehog
Rackspace create_image request - pass all options. thanks kbockmanrs
Add Blue Box location support. thanks leehuffman
Update location UUID. thanks leehuffman
Add passing tests. thanks leehuffman
Fix location_id typo. thanks leehuffman
Add Blue Box location support. thanks leehuffman
Update location UUID. thanks leehuffman
Add passing tests. thanks leehuffman
Fix location_id typo. thanks leehuffman
Add copy method to Ninefold::File. thanks Benjamin Manns
Fixed syntax error in ovirt parser. thanks Amos Benari
added option to block on start. Start action will block instead of fail. It can be useful in case of start after stop or create. thanks Amos Benari
added support for update vm on ovirt. thanks Amos Benari
Added VM and Template network-interfaces crud. thanks Amos Benari
#instance_variables returns Symbols in 1.9.2+. thanks Dan Peterson
Add 30GB (30720) compute size. thanks Phil Kates
Add copy_object request. thanks Benjamin Manns
Add copy method to Rackspace::File. thanks Benjamin Manns
add deprecation warnings. thanks geemus
fixes for deprecated implicit block usage to excon requests. thanks geemus
update get_object requests to use excon response_blocks. thanks geemus
Run storage tests on a file in a subdirectory. thanks Benjamin Manns
Add copy method to storage tests. thanks Benjamin Manns
Check that the copied file body matches the original file. thanks Benjamin Manns
mark mock tests pending. thanks geemus
rather mock Fog::Vcloud::Connection as this is the right place to mock things. thanks Peter Meier
improve models + additional tests. thanks Peter Meier
add API version 1.5 compability. thanks Peter Meier
Sync fission v0.4.0 plus more. thanks Cody Herriges
update ssl_verify_peer = false setting. thanks geemus
add to test skip list when lacking credentials. thanks geemus
Fixed an issue with updating a record since the response body is an empty string, not nil. thanks Kevin Menard
Fixed the parser. TTL and priority values can be nil and should not be coerced into integers in that case. thanks Kevin Menard
1.1.2 12/18/2011 c1873e37e76af83e9de3f3308f3baa0664dd8dc2
Stats! { 'collaborators' => 20, 'downloads' => 351821, 'forks' => 332, 'open_issues' => 21, 'watchers' => 1731 }
MVP! Stepan G. Fedorov
Fix zone_id/flavour_id getter/setter for Server. thanks Hemant Kumar
Add zone/server_type attribute for Server. thanks Hemant Kumar
Add username to Image. thanks Hemant Kumar
Add request for remove_firewall_policy. thanks Hemant Kumar
Add model method for remove. thanks Hemant Kumar
Change logic of fetching zone and flavour_id. thanks Hemant Kumar
Remove name as mandatory parameter for creating server group. thanks Hemant Kumar
Add created_at attribute for server_group,policy and firewall rule. thanks Hemant Kumar
Updated Image format tests for username. thanks Paul Thornthwaite
Updated ServerGroup format for created_at time. thanks Paul Thornthwaite
allow sa-east-1 region in mocks. thanks Nick Osborn
fix security_group format for mock tests. thanks geemus
fix capitilization for records#all options. thanks geemus
update SSL certificates on listeners. :christmas_tree:. thanks Dylan Egan
Support ACL on copy_object. :v:. thanks Dylan Egan
Adding *_server actions to ServerGroup model. thanks Caius Durling
Pass along server_groups when creating a server. thanks Caius Durling
Make update_cloud_ip request work. thanks Caius Durling
Firewall models. thanks Paul Thornthwaite
Added missing requirement and request arg. thanks Paul Thornthwaite
Corrected deprecated argument. thanks Paul Thornthwaite
Dynamically select testing image. thanks Paul Thornthwaite
Helper to get a test server ready. thanks Paul Thornthwaite
Revised tests structure. thanks Paul Thornthwaite
Test and fix for API client secret reset. thanks Paul Thornthwaite
Test update of reverse DNS for CIP. thanks Paul Thornthwaite
Updated default Ubuntu image. thanks Paul Thornthwaite
Make Cloud IP model's map nicer to use. thanks Paul Thornthwaite
Correctly get Server's IP addresses as strings. thanks Paul Thornthwaite
ServerGroup association to Servers. thanks Paul Thornthwaite
Replace duplicate remove with move test. thanks Paul Thornthwaite
Load balancer request tests expanded. thanks Paul Thornthwaite
Request test for snapshotting a server. thanks Paul Thornthwaite
fix mock tests. thanks geemus
: Added missing field. thanks NomadRain
Some cleanup before pool request. thanks NomadRain
add fake credentials for mock tests. thanks geemus
Bug fixes. thanks NomadRain
I don't know what is ignore_awful_caching, so i removed it. thanks Stepan G Fedorov
server.ssh with password. Not only with key. thanks Stepan G Fedorov
Fix Mocks. thanks Stepan G Fedorov
Enable get_image_details. thanks Stepan G Fedorov
Actualize Mocks. thanks Stepan G. Fedorov
Enable :get_image_details. thanks Stepan G. Fedorov
Add tests. thanks Stepan G. Fedorov
Remove ddosprotect field from Mock. thanks Stepan G. Fedorov
Add ip-address management. thanks Stepan G. Fedorov
Rename moveip to move_ip_address. thanks Stepan G. Fedorov
Enable ip-management. thanks Stepan G. Fedorov
Fix delete_server mock. thanks Stepan G. Fedorov
Fix move_ip_address behaviour. thanks Stepan G. Fedorov
Add ip-address management. thanks Stepan G. Fedorov
Rename moveip to move_ip_address. thanks Stepan G. Fedorov
Enable ip-management. thanks Stepan G. Fedorov
Fix delete_server mock. thanks Stepan G. Fedorov
Fix move_ip_address behaviour. thanks Stepan G. Fedorov
Added missing field (server.type). thanks Обоев Рулон ибн Хаттаб
Cast Fog.wait_for interval to float. thanks Aaron Suggs
fix exceptions from nil credential value. thanks Blake Gentry
`@credential` should always be a symbol. thanks Hunter Haugen
note in title that multiple keys is an EC2 thing. thanks geemus
fixed tests due to changes in the api. thanks Anton Lindström
fix test formats and whitespaces. thanks Anton Lindström
parse SQS timestamps as milliseconds. thanks Andrew Bruce
Allow use of sa-east-1 in the ec2 mock as well. thanks Andy Delcambre
Enabled tests for setting S3 ACL by id and uri on buckets and objects when mocking. thanks Arvid Andersson
Added acl_to_hash helper method to Fog::Storage::AWS. thanks Arvid Andersson
Ensuring that get_object_acl and get_bucket_acl mock methods returns a hash representation of the ACL. thanks Arvid Andersson
Created Rackspace LB models folder. thanks Brian Hartsock
This patch adds the ability to specify security groups by security group id, rather than group name. This is a required feature to use security groups within a VPC. thanks Eric Stonfer
indentation change. thanks Eric Stonfer
Add the ability to return the security group ID when requesting a SecurityGroupData object. thanks Eric Stonfer
fix tests to accomodate the new SecurityGroupId. thanks Eric Stonfer
Revert "fix tests to accomodate the new SecurityGroupId". thanks Eric Stonfer
fix tests to accomodate the addition of security_group_id. thanks Eric Stonfer
indentation fix. thanks Eric Stonfer
indentation fix. thanks Eric Stonfer
[Brightbox]Add remove_firewall_policy to computer.rb. thanks Hemant Kumar
[Brightbox]Protocol is no longer required parameter for firewall. thanks Hemant Kumar
Add implementation of DescribeInstanceStatus. thanks JD Huntington & Jason Hansen
fixed type-o in rdoc on Fog::DNS:DNSMadeEasy. thanks John Dyer
add query options to Fog::Storage::AWS#get_object_https_url. thanks Mateusz Juraszek
add options hash to Fog::Storage::AWS::File#url and Fog::Storage::AWS::Files#get_https_url which use get_object_https_url method. thanks Mateusz Juraszek
add query param to get_object_http_url for consistency. thanks Mateusz Juraszek
Fix regression in Rakefile introduced in 70e7ea13. thanks Michael Brodhead
add são paulo/brasil region. thanks Raphael Costa
mock create_db_instance. thanks Rodrigo Estebanez
mocking describe_db_instance. Fix hash structure in create_db_instance. thanks Rodrigo Estebanez
mocking delete_db_instance. thanks Rodrigo Estebanez
mocking wait_for through describe_db_instances. thanks Rodrigo Estebanez
mocking modify_db_instance and reboot_db_instance. thanks Rodrigo Estebanez
raise exception instead of excon response. thanks Rodrigo Estebanez
Fixing bug: It always showed the first instance when using get. thanks Rodrigo Estebanez
Fixes for issues 616 and 617. thanks Sergio Rubio
* remove unnecessary debugging. thanks Sergio Rubio
* Add missing recognized :libvirt_ip_command. thanks Sergio Rubio
* Add server_name environment variable to ip_command. thanks Sergio Rubio
* implement :destroy_volumes in Server.destroy (libvirt provider). thanks Sergio Rubio
Add documentation for using multiple ssh keys on AWS. thanks Sven Pfleiderer
Update bootstrap description. thanks Sven Pfleiderer
Escape underscore charakters. thanks Sven Pfleiderer
implement STS support. thanks Thom May
Allow use of session tokens in AWS Compute. thanks Thom May
handle session tokens for SQS and SimpleDB. thanks Thom May
Split [AWS|STS] tests into separate files per #609. thanks Thom May
Bug fix, metric_statistic#save would always fail. thanks bmiller
bump excon dep. thanks geemus
bump excon dep. thanks geemus
Fixing Rackspace's lack of integer-as-string support as per thanks jimworm
add current set of elasticache endpoints. thanks lostboy
added sa-east-1 region. thanks thattommyhall
Add clodo support. thanks Обоев Рулон ибн Хаттаб
Enable clodo support. thanks Обоев Рулон ибн Хаттаб
error state callbacks now return an error. thanks Brian Hartsock
fixed broken test. thanks Brian Hartsock
should recognize rackspace_dns_endpoint argument. thanks geemus
record should pass priority. thanks geemus
mark tests for models pending in mocked mode. thanks geemus
Fixed bug #644 with HTTP health monitors. thanks Brian Hartsock
fix for #650 - Connection logging now loads appropriately. thanks Brian Hartsock
added error page requests. thanks Brian Hartsock
Added error pages to the model. thanks Brian Hartsock
Added list parameter for nodeddress. thanks Brian Hartsock
fixed broken test; cleaned up some tests. thanks Brian Hartsock
[rackspace|load balancers]
fixed broken tests. thanks Brian Hartsock
Fixed bug in deleting multiple nodes. thanks Brian Hartsock
update image id in tests. thanks geemus
fixes for formats in tests. thanks geemus
[tests | clodo]
Added ip-management tests. thanks Stepan G. Fedorov
Added ip-management tests. thanks Stepan G. Fedorov
[tests | clodo ]
ddosprotect field must not exist. thanks Stepan G. Fedorov
[tests | clodo | compute]
Add most tests. thanks Stepan G Fedorov
Add image tests. thanks Stepan G Fedorov
[tests | clodo | compute ]
create_server - First try. thanks Stepan G Fedorov
mark tests pending in mocked mode. thanks geemus
introduce organizations. thanks Peter Meier
make networks working also in organizations. thanks Peter Meier
remove server from organizations as they are within vApps of vDC. thanks Peter Meier
add catalogs to an organization. thanks Peter Meier
a vdc does not have a tasklist. thanks Peter Meier
introduce vapps. thanks Peter Meier
More work on getting server in a useable shape. thanks Peter Meier
fix network to the minimum. thanks Peter Meier
a vapp might not have any childrens attached. thanks Peter Meier
improve models add tests. thanks Peter Meier
improve disk info access. thanks Peter Meier
improve network. thanks Peter Meier
introduce link on a network to parent network. thanks Peter Meier
fix an issue if this is not parsed as an array. thanks Peter Meier
stopgap fix for test data files. thanks geemus
properly namespace vcloud test to prevent breaking others. thanks geemus
(#10644) Add servers filter to improve clone performance. thanks Jeff McCune
fix whitespace issue in yaml for mocks. thanks geemus
1.1.1 11/11/2011 a468aa9a3445aae4f496b1a51e26572b8379c3da
Stats! { 'collaborators' => 19, 'downloads' => 300403, 'forks' => 300, 'open_issues' => 14, 'watchers' => 1667 }
loosen net-ssh dependency to avoid chef conflict. thanks geemus
1.1.0 changelog. thanks geemus
1.1.0 11/11/2011 b706c7ed66c2e760fdd6222e38c68768575483b2
Stats! { 'collaborators' => 19, 'downloads' => 300383, 'forks' => 300, 'open_issues' => 16, 'watchers' => 1667 }
MVP! Michael Zeng
Take into account a query string can be empty, different on some rubies it gives nil, on some empty string. thanks Patrick Debois
fix v2.0 auth endpoints. thanks Todd Willey
default metadata to empy hash. thanks Todd Willey
add zone awareness. thanks Todd Willey
add us-west-2 region. thanks geemus
mark tests pending when mocked. thanks geemus
Add support for put-metric-alarm call. thanks Jens Braeuer
Remove duplicate RequestId from response. thanks Jens Braeuer
Add mocked implementation of put_metric_alarm. thanks Jens Braeuer
Fix whitespace. thanks Jens Braeuer
Fix merge error. thanks Jens Braeuer
Add mocked version of put_metric_alarm. thanks Jens Braeuer
Mock modify_image_attribute add/remove users. thanks Dan Peterson
Allow mock tagging to work across accounts. thanks Dan Peterson
Fix new instance eventual consistency for the non-filtered case. thanks Dan Peterson
Update security group operations. thanks Dan Peterson
Test for more invalid security group request input when mocking. thanks Dan Peterson
Fix a bug in delete_tags, but come up against a bug in AWS where tags aren't deleted if the resource still exists. thanks Dylan Egan
tags are reset when reloading. #570. thanks Dylan Egan
fixed sopt_instance_request reply parsing when the original request contained a device mapping. thanks MaF
wait_for reload then add server tags. thanks geemus
spot request fixes. thanks geemus
tweaks for spot request bootstrap. thanks geemus
save tags for spot_requests#bootstrap. thanks geemus
update ami for windows. thanks geemus
Missed a change as part of #545. thanks Dan Peterson
use a set union to register new instances. thanks Dylan Egan
return only the instance IDs on describe. Use only available availability zones. :v:. thanks Dylan Egan
attribute aliases for CanonicalHostedZoneName(ID). :v:. thanks Dylan Egan
eventually consistent, like me getting a haircut. :v:. thanks Dylan Egan
mark tests pending when mocked. thanks geemus
slight cleanup and test with a certificate chain. :cake:. thanks Dylan Egan
Dig into mock data instead of instantiating new service objects. thanks Dan Peterson
ensure path isn't empty when specifying endpoint. thanks geemus
Fixed incorrect call to reset_ftp_password. thanks Paul Thornthwaite
format fixes for tests. thanks geemus
treat boolean values as a boolean. thanks Peter Meier
fix attribute squashing with : in key. thanks Peter Meier
all services should recognize :connection_options. thanks geemus
separate loggers for deprecations/warnings. thanks geemus
avoid duplicates in Fog.providers. thanks geemus
more useful structure for Fog.providers. thanks geemus
add newlines to logger messages. thanks geemus
update stats raketask to point to org. thanks geemus
toss out nil-value keys when checking required credentials. thanks geemus
Made model tests use uniq domain names. thanks Brian Hartsock
Fix Fog::DNS::DNSMadeEasy::Record#save to handle updating a record correctly. thanks Peter Weldon
update links to point to thanks geemus
Automatically poll jobs if we get them. Closes #575. thanks Dan Peterson
Change response parameter. thanks Alan Ivey
Missing HEAD method. thanks Andrew Newman
Missing HEAD method. thanks Andrew Newman
Putting version back. thanks Andrew Newman
Reformatting and making consistent with other classes. thanks Andrew Newman
Missed renam to head_namespace. thanks Andrew Newman
Reverting version and date in gemspec. thanks Andrew Newman
Formatting. thanks Andrew Newman
Removed puts of element name. thanks Arvid Andersson
Changes to allow EMR control through fog. thanks Bob Briski
Added EMR functions for AWS. thanks Bob Briski
Adding tests. thanks Bob Briski
merge EMR changes with upstream repo. thanks Bob Briski
(#10055) Search vmFolder inventory vs children. thanks Carl Caum
Adding a path attribute to the vm_mob_ref hash. thanks Carl Caum
Cleanup Attributes#merge_attributes. thanks Hemant Kumar
Update S3 doc example to show current API. thanks Jason Roelofs
Restructure main website's navigation. thanks Jason Roelofs
Add CloudFormation UpdateStack call. thanks Jason Roelofs
Minor whitespace change. thanks Jens Braeuer
Trailing whitespace cleanup. thanks Jens Braeuer
Whitespace cleanup. thanks Jens Braeuer
Fix merge error. thanks Jens Braeuer
Removed statement about @geemus being only member of collaborators list since it's not true anymore. thanks John Wang
Fixes Fog::AWS::Storage#put_(bucket|object)_acl. thanks Jonas Pfenniger
Randomize bucket names in tests. thanks Jonas Pfenniger
Fix AWS S3 bucket and object tests. thanks Jonas Pfenniger
(#10570) Use nil in-place of missing attributes. thanks Kelsey Hightower
(#10570) Update `Fog::Compute::Vsphere` tests. thanks Kelsey Hightower
We use 'Key' for all S3 objects now. thanks Kevin Menard
Implemented mocks for Zerigo. thanks Kevin Menard
Updated docs to use newer arg, rather than the old deprecated one. thanks Kevin Menard
Added the ability to search Zerigo records for a particular zone. thanks Kevin Menard
Return the only element of the array, not the array itself. thanks Kevin Menard
Fixed an issue whereby saving an existing record in Zerigo would nil out its value. thanks Kevin Menard
added DeleteAlarms, DescribeAlarms and PutMetricAlarms. thanks Michael Zeng
re-adding files. thanks Michael Zeng
adding describe_alarm_history. thanks Michael Zeng
adding diable/enable alarm actions. thanks Michael Zeng
added DescribeAlarmHistory request and parser. thanks Michael Zeng
fixing describe_alarms and describe_alarms_for_metric requests. thanks Michael Zeng
cleaned up requesters and parsers. thanks Michael Zeng
added SetAlarmState. thanks Michael Zeng
included more response elements, request parameters should now be complete. Included model and collection classes. thanks Michael Zeng
bug fixes. thanks Michael Zeng
fixed models and added tests. thanks Michael Zeng
no need to add rake dep. thanks Michael Zeng
revert gempspec date change. thanks Michael Zeng
reverting cloud_watch.rb. thanks Michael Zeng
reverting cloud_watch.rb. thanks Michael Zeng
reverting cloud_watch.rb. thanks Michael Zeng
reverting cloud_watch.rb. thanks Michael Zeng
reverting cloud_watch.rb. thanks Michael Zeng
added newline to the end of file. thanks Michael Zeng
removed all tabs. thanks Michael Zeng
added alarm_data_tests. thanks Michael Zeng
spacing change. thanks Michael Zeng
AWS#hash_to_acl - add support for EmailAddress and URI grantee types. thanks Nathan Sutton
Test and improve Fog::Storage::AWS.hash_to_acl. thanks Nathan Sutton
Adding a method to unmock Fog. Addresses issue #594. thanks Nathan Sutton
Adding documentation for Fog.unmock! and Fog::Mock.reset. thanks Nathan Sutton
added linode ssh support. thanks Nicholas Ricketts
added linode ssh support with proper public ip address. thanks Nicholas Ricketts
cleaned up code to use att_XX methods. thanks Nicholas Ricketts
clean up public_ip_address code for linode. thanks Nicholas Ricketts
Seems like rackspace might have changed this. thanks Nik Wakelin
Sends power parameter in GoGrid's grid_server_power request. thanks Pablo Baños López
Slicehost uses record-type and zone-id for their API, which messes with Fog internals, so changing these to record_type and zone_id in the parser. thanks Patrick McKenzie
Did this do anything?. thanks Patrick McKenzie
Revert "Slicehost uses record-type and zone-id for their API, which messes with Fog internals, so changing these to record_type and zone_id in the parser.". thanks Patrick McKenzie
Not having the best of days with git. Revert the reversion of the commit that I really do want to make. thanks Patrick McKenzie
Slicehost uses record-type and zone-id for their API, which messes with Fog internals, so changing these to record_type and zone_id in the parser. thanks Patrick McKenzie
Do not touch .gitignore. thanks Patrick McKenzie
Fixing Slicehost DNS so that a) tests pass b) token names map to what Fog expects -- record_type not record-type, value not data, etc c) creation of new DNS records possible. thanks Patrick McKenzie
1) Fix so that getting a single record actually works. 2) zone.records currently returns all records in account, not just records for that zone. Add failing test (temporarily, assumes test account has existing zones for this to actually fail) + fix. 3) Add in data alias for record.value, just in case someone needs it, as Slicehost calls this data. thanks Patrick McKenzie
Allow updates of DNS records. Updates on zones not supported yet. thanks Patrick McKenzie
Fixing parsing of zone.records.get(id) so that it parses a single record properly rather than attempting to parse a list of records improperly. Fixing tests to match this (expected) behavior rather than work-around the broken way. thanks Patrick McKenzie
Getting it so zone.records works as expected (loads all records, for that zone only). thanks Patrick McKenzie
simplification. thanks Peter Meier
Optimize vSphere convert_vm_mob_ref_to_attr_hash. thanks Rich Lane
Compact the way options are mapped to request. thanks Todd Willey
Allow setting userdata as plain ascii or b64. thanks Todd Willey
bump excon dep. thanks geemus
[rackspace][dns] fixes for job request format. thanks geemus
bump net-ssh dependency. thanks geemus
tshirt offer should be implicit, rather than explicit. thanks geemus
add region option to aws sns service recognizes method. thanks lostboy
add capabilities support to cloudformation createstack request. thanks lostboy
omit signature in stringtosign. thanks geemus
check objectid for existence. thanks geemus
allow overwriting files for consistency. thanks geemus
Fixed request tests that need unique domain name. thanks Brian Hartsock
Adapted to changes in callback mechanism. thanks Brian Hartsock
made lb endpoint configurable. thanks Brian Hartsock
omit Patrick Debois from future MVP status. thanks geemus
test fixes. thanks geemus
1.0.0 09/29/2011 a81be08ef2473af91f16f4926e5b3dfa962a34ae
Stats! { 'collaborators' => 16, 'downloads' => 245745, 'forks' => 260, 'open_issues' => 13, 'watchers' => 1521 }
MVP! Patrick Debois
if transport is empty, ssh can't be enabled. thanks Patrick Debois
Enable to pass an libvirt_ip_command for looking up the mac -> ip_address . Using eval to allow for passing of mac address in ip_command. thanks Patrick Debois
corrected typo for appending string output to IO.popen. thanks Patrick Debois
initialize the ip_address as an empty string. thanks Patrick Debois
more specific error if the ip_command results in string that has no ip-address format. thanks Patrick Debois
Remove the newlines after running the local ip_command. thanks Patrick Debois
rename xml_desc to xml as an attribute and hide all non_dynamic attributes from fog console. thanks Patrick Debois
added blocked state and corrected crashed to shutoff state. thanks Patrick Debois
renamed 'raw' connection to raw in the Fog Connection. thanks Patrick Debois
renamed all disk_ params for server creation to volume_ to make it consistent with the object type volume. thanks Patrick Debois
remove base64 require (duplicates require in fog/core). thanks geemus
Adding SQS mocking support. thanks Istvan Hoka
Create ACS security_group model and collection. thanks Aaron Suggs
Improve security group tests. thanks Aaron Suggs
Adds ACS#delete_cache_security_group. thanks Benton Roberts
Added security group methods. thanks Benton Roberts
Update CacheSecurityGroup API to public beta 2011-07-15. thanks Benton Roberts
Fix whitespace. thanks Jens Braeuer
add snapshot method to volume model. thanks Andrei Serdeliuc
Correct path. thanks Dylan Egan
raise an ArgumentError if image_id is nil, otherwise an ugly InternalError is returned from AWS. thanks Dylan Egan
wait for ready before testing tags. thanks geemus
fixes for mocks tests. thanks geemus
fix formatting for mock security groups. thanks geemus
fix parser path. thanks geemus
refactor acs->elasticache. thanks Benton Roberts
refactor for whitespace / readability. thanks Benton Roberts
fix typo in Elasticache Security Group tests. thanks Benton Roberts
rename test file for shindo. thanks Benton Roberts
create and describe cache clusters. thanks Benton Roberts
delete cache clusters. thanks Benton Roberts
add Cache Cluster model and collection. thanks Benton Roberts
Fix bug in AWS::Elasticache::Cluster.get. thanks Benton Roberts
randomize cache cluster IDs in testing. thanks Benton Roberts
return nil on CacheClusterNotFound. thanks Benton Roberts
use Formatador for testing output. thanks Benton Roberts
move ClusterNotFound rescue code into Elasticache service definition. thanks Benton Roberts
change method profile for create_cache_cluster, delete_cache_cluster, and describe_cache_clusters. thanks Benton Roberts
change parameters for describe_cache_security_groups to ruby-friendly values. thanks Benton Roberts
remove port attribute from cluster model. thanks Benton Roberts
fix Elasticahce::Cluster.security_groups attribute. thanks Benton Roberts
implement modify_cache_cluster request. thanks Benton Roberts
cluster port number cannot be modified. thanks Benton Roberts
add cache node info to describe_cache_clusters. thanks Benton Roberts
add InvalidInstace error class. thanks Benton Roberts
remove optional parameters from Elasticache::Cluster. thanks Benton Roberts
show cluster node details by default in model. thanks Benton Roberts
add test for removing a cache node. thanks Benton Roberts
add pending_values to modified nodes. thanks Benton Roberts
implement RebootCacheCluster. thanks Benton Roberts
implement DescribeEvents. thanks Benton Roberts
implement basic parameter group requests. thanks Benton Roberts
implement describe_engine_default_parameters request. thanks Benton Roberts
implement Elasticache::ParameterGroup model and collection. thanks Benton Roberts
implement modify_cache_parameter_group request. thanks Benton Roberts
implement reset_cache_parameter_group request. thanks Benton Roberts
implement describe_cache_groups request. thanks Benton Roberts
test fix: change DESCRIBE_SECURITY_GROUPS helper format. thanks Benton Roberts
delete outdated test file. thanks Benton Roberts
Raise a custom exception for Throttling. thanks Dylan Egan
wait_for server to be ready? before register. thanks geemus
implement correct path behaviour in mocking. thanks Dylan Egan
fix tests to use proper accessor. thanks geemus
fix acl mocking. thanks geemus
Fixed instance state. thanks Lee Huffman
Create and destroy images. thanks Lee Huffman
Fix for setting hostname on server save. thanks Lee Huffman
Expect correct status code for template create. thanks Lee Huffman
move aws cdn to its own shared area (namespacing should probably be corrected). thanks geemus
move rackspace cdn to its own shared area (namespacing should probably be corrected). thanks geemus
fix service calls I missed in recent rearrange. thanks geemus
- Change modify_instance_attribute name to match EC2 API method, and actually make it do something. thanks Caleb Tennis
Include ids of things we're modifying in requests. thanks Dan Peterson
Fix create_volume mock when creating from a snapshot. thanks Dan Peterson
Make get_bucket_location mock return LocationConstraint as API doc describes. thanks Dan Peterson
Fix associate_address mock to detach/revert previous addresses properly. thanks Dan Peterson
Don't warn in mock describe_snapshots if RestorableBy is 'self'. thanks Dan Peterson
When mocking, instances don't show up right away. thanks Dan Peterson
Suffix with _tests.rb. thanks Dylan Egan
IpPermissionsEgress is returned from AWS. thanks Dylan Egan
Simple test to verify revoke_group_and_owner behaviour. thanks Dylan Egan
Apparently passing a nil value works against live AWS. Only use SourceSecurityGroupOwnerId in mocks if supplied. thanks Dylan Egan
Since this is really proving the use of nil, let's just not pretend there's a value for owner_id. thanks Dylan Egan
sometimes the platform string is returned. thanks Dylan Egan
enable tests for mocked tags. thanks Dylan Egan
Fix NameError. thanks Jens Braeuer
Fix bug in tag mocking preventing servers from being updated with new tags. thanks Matt Griffin
Add mocking for describe_tags. thanks Matt Griffin
move aws compute to its own shared area (namespacing should probably be corrected). thanks geemus
move bluebox compute to its own shared area (namespacing should probably be corrected). thanks geemus
Allow persistent option to be passed to Brightbox::Compute. thanks Caius Durling
Updated test for new behaviour. thanks Paul Thornthwaite
Picking up more attributes from Account. thanks Paul Thornthwaite
No need to hardcode a server type. thanks Paul Thornthwaite
Updated and reordered model attributes. thanks Paul Thornthwaite
Updates to tests. thanks Paul Thornthwaite
Added resave warning to a few Brightbox models. thanks Paul Thornthwaite
Requests for server group management. thanks Paul Thornthwaite
Merge in test updates and server groups. thanks Paul Thornthwaite
Corrected require missed in update. thanks Paul Thornthwaite
Reset times to the correct type so not string attributes. thanks Paul Thornthwaite
Updated Format test to remove gone fields. thanks Paul Thornthwaite
Fixed typo in connection options. thanks Paul Thornthwaite
Added missing requests. thanks Paul Thornthwaite
Added requests for firewall management. thanks Paul Thornthwaite
Added ServerGroup model and collections. thanks Paul Thornthwaite
Passing options to server group update. thanks Paul Thornthwaite
Fixed server_groups.get. thanks Paul Thornthwaite
move brightbox compute to its own shared area (namespacing should probably be corrected). thanks geemus
move ecloud compute to its own shared area (namespacing should probably be corrected). thanks geemus
added glesys as provider. thanks Anton Lindstrom
added tests. thanks Anton Lindström
fixed logical error for default values. thanks Anton Lindström
fixed an invalid character. thanks Anton Lindström
consistency/cleanup. thanks geemus
fix format for start vs stop. thanks geemus
rearrange to match current naming conventions. thanks geemus
move go_grid compute to its own shared area (namespacing should probably be corrected). thanks geemus
merge jedi4ever/libvirt. thanks geemus
move libvirt compute to its own shared area (namespacing should probably be corrected). thanks geemus
move linode compute to its own shared area (namespacing should probably be corrected). thanks geemus
move bare_metal_cloud compute to its own shared area (namespacing should probably be corrected). thanks geemus
move ninefold compute to its own shared area (namespacing should probably be corrected). thanks geemus
move rackspace compute to its own shared area (namespacing should probably be corrected). thanks geemus
move slicehost compute to its own shared area (namespacing should probably be corrected). thanks geemus
move storm_on_demand compute to its own shared area (namespacing should probably be corrected). thanks geemus
move vcloud compute to its own shared area (namespacing should probably be corrected). thanks geemus
move virtual_box compute to its own shared area (namespacing should probably be corrected). thanks geemus
move voxel compute to its own shared area (namespacing should probably be corrected). thanks geemus
Allow FOG_CREDENTIAL env variable for config. thanks Aaron Suggs
add collection#destroy(identity). thanks geemus
move openssl to more central location. thanks geemus
first steps toward seperately requirable bits. thanks geemus
move providers to lib/fog/. thanks geemus
work toward separate requires. thanks geemus
prototype logger. thanks geemus
add get/set methods for logger channels. thanks geemus
use logger throughout for warnings. thanks geemus
coerce service credentials. thanks geemus
delete nil valued keys from config. thanks geemus
pass connection_options through service init. thanks geemus
don't rely on bin stuff for service init in tests. thanks geemus
dedup services listings. thanks geemus
more convenient accessors. thanks geemus
fixing more paths after rearrange. thanks geemus
add credentials setter. thanks geemus
make sure credentials tests properly reset after completion. thanks geemus
bump excon dep. thanks geemus
properly fix credentials tests. thanks geemus
skip vmfusion in rake nuke. thanks geemus
bump excon. thanks geemus
kill dns stuff in nuke as well. thanks geemus
update dns constructor to match recent file moves. thanks geemus
move aws dns to its own shared area (namespacing should probably be corrected). thanks geemus
move bluebox dns to its own shared area (namespacing should probably be corrected). thanks geemus
move dnsimple dns to its own shared area (namespacing should probably be corrected). thanks geemus
move dnsmadeeasy dns to its own shared area (namespacing should probably be corrected). thanks geemus
move dynect dns to its own shared area (namespacing should probably be corrected). thanks geemus
move linode dns to its own shared area (namespacing should probably be corrected). thanks geemus
initial commit. thanks Brian Hartsock
list_domains request. thanks Brian Hartsock
added attributes to list_domains; refactored rackspace errors to be shared with load balancers. thanks Brian Hartsock
move rackspace dns to its own shared area (namespacing should probably be corrected). thanks geemus
move slicehost dns to its own shared area (namespacing should probably be corrected). thanks geemus
move zerigo dns to its own shared area (namespacing should probably be corrected). thanks geemus
Added blogpost about libvirt into fog to the press page. thanks Patrick Debois
corrected the link to the actual blogpost instead of the github markdown page :). thanks Patrick Debois
add note about ec2 default username. thanks geemus
use a string for now. #362 is open for accepting symbols in mocks. thanks Dylan Egan
return the zone name. thanks Dylan Egan
accidentally hardcoded the record type in the mocked data. thanks Dylan Egan
support ANY record results. thanks Dylan Egan
Don't use address as different records have different arguments, just send rdata. Remove value. Add CNAME test. thanks Dylan Egan
find, not first. thanks Dylan Egan
always ensure it's an integer. thanks Dylan Egan
retry if auth_token was previously set and error message includes possible login expiration. thanks Dylan Egan
support reauth for inactivity logout too. thanks Dylan Egan
fixes to play nice with mock tests. thanks geemus
skip flavor tests. thanks geemus
fixes for mocked test setup. thanks geemus
Added option libvirt_ip_command to the credentials error page. thanks Patrick Debois
Corrected template variable from interface_nat_network to network_nat_network. thanks Patrick Debois
update format for plans. thanks geemus
[load balancer|rackspace]
fixed some minor bugs i noticed in the tests. thanks Brian Hartsock
Fixed a couple of errors in the examples. thanks Bobby Wilson
Implement fog support for the Openstack Compute API v1.1. Includes support for legacy v1.0 style auth and v2.0 keystone auth. thanks Dan Prince
Add create_image to server model. thanks Dan Prince
Add support for non-strict validations, and nullable arrays/hashes. thanks Dan Prince
Additions and updates to the OpenStack API tests. thanks Dan Prince
Beginning of Dynect::DNS mocking support. thanks Dylan Egan
get_record, single. thanks Dylan Egan
Tidy up a bit. thanks Dylan Egan
Support freeze and thaw. thanks Dylan Egan
sleep for 3 seconds when running against Dynect because otherwise there is an operation still in progress. thanks Dylan Egan
raise a NotFound if not found. thanks Dylan Egan
Fog::DNS::Dynect, not Fog::Dynect::DNS. thanks Dylan Egan
InstanceId should have index according to AWS Docs. thanks E.J. Finneran
fix indenting to get markdown to recognise the code block properly. thanks Glenn Tweedie
Better URL escaping for Rackspace Cloud Files. thanks H. Wade Minter
Tweak to escape the Cloud Files filename before passing to public_url. thanks H. Wade Minter
Put escaping logic into the collection get_url call. thanks H. Wade Minter
(#9241) Add skeleton VMware vSphere platform support. thanks Jeff McCune
(#9241) Add SSL verification. thanks Jeff McCune
(#9241) Add current_time request. thanks Jeff McCune
(#9241) Add model for Fog::Compute[:vsphere].servers. thanks Jeff McCune
(#9241) Add test skeleton framework. thanks Jeff McCune
(#9241) Add ability to find VMs by UUID. thanks Jeff McCune
(#9421) Add start, stop, reboot server model methods. thanks Jeff McCune
(#9241) Add destroy API request and model action. thanks Jeff McCune
(#9241) Add find_template_by_instance_uuid request. thanks Jeff McCune
(#9241) Add vm_clone API request. thanks Jeff McCune
(#9241) Don't fail when trying to model a cloning VM. thanks Jeff McCune
(#9241) Make the reload action of the server models work. thanks Jeff McCune
(#9124) Add ability to reload the model of a cloning VM. thanks Jeff McCune
Refactor requests to return simple hashes and add unit tests. thanks Jeff McCune
Add vsphere_server connection attribute. thanks Jeff McCune
Fix vm clone problem when a Guid instance is passed as the instance_uuid. thanks Jeff McCune
Fix documentation. The resulting hash has no entry "PutScalingPolicyResponse", but a "...Result". thanks Jens Braeuer
Pass hostname to create_block request if provided. thanks Lee Huffman
Added Fog::CurrentMachine#ip_address. thanks Pan Thomakos
First cut at libvirt integration. Lots of features missing, but it proves the point. thanks Patrick Debois
- Added URI helper to parse libvirt URL's - exposed Libvirt original connection in Compute object - exposed URI in Compute object - added libvirt-ruby gem to the developer Gemspec. thanks Patrick Debois
- Get all pools now by name or by uuid - Create pool by providing xml - Destroy pool. thanks Patrick Debois
Added ability to create/destroy volumes You can search for volumes by path,key,name And list all volumes from a pool. thanks Patrick Debois
Allow creation of persistent or non persistent volumes. thanks Patrick Debois
Again major breakthrough. thanks Patrick Debois
Coming along nicely. thanks Patrick Debois
- ERB has a problem with a variable called type, it expands it on ruby 1.8 to .class - If the key or the volume is not found, maybe because the pool has not yet been started, the volumes should return nil. thanks Patrick Debois
Changed the monitoring command for IP addresses arpwatch.dat is not the correct place, it should be via syslog, or seperate file. thanks Patrick Debois
fixing whitespace. thanks Patrick Debois
removed trailing spaces. thanks Patrick Debois
indenting the files. thanks Patrick Debois
check ip-address that returned from the search in the logfile. thanks Patrick Debois
Added a way to locally retrieve the ipaddress through the ip_command More checks on correctness of ipaddress And checks on ssh failures. thanks Patrick Debois
renamed ipaddress to ip_address made the .id available and an alias to uuid for server. thanks Patrick Debois
Added description on the libvirt environment can be initialized and the requirements for ssh and ipaddress to work. thanks Patrick Debois
Added a global libvirt provider option ip_command to specify the ip_command Also more robust handling of connection error when the libvirt connection fails. thanks Patrick Debois
Remove the idea of template_options, now you specify the param directly in the create command. Unit and Size are now calculated. thanks Patrick Debois
Removed the template_options param. thanks Patrick Debois
Fixed disk_format_type vs disk_type_format difference and changed disk_format_type in the template as well. thanks Patrick Debois
added openauth support thanks to @rubiojr. thanks Patrick Debois
changed return code of state to string instead of symbols to be consistent with aws provider. thanks Patrick Debois
- Added concept of nodes (host of domains = node) - Renamed the shuttingdown to shutting-down mode - fixed the Gem warning on using Gem.find_by_name instead of Gem::Specification. thanks Patrick Debois
Added a way to filter the active and the defined servers(domains) using - servers.all(:active => false, :defined=> true). thanks Patrick Debois
Fixed empty filter issue, nil filter. thanks Patrick Debois
* Fixed an error with memory_size 256 that should be 256*1024 as the default is K nor M * Changed the ip_command to check the ipaddress to include changes not * only new IPaddresses. thanks Patrick Debois
Added libvirt options to credentials error. thanks Patrick Debois
Made libvirt username param consistent with other providers libvirt_user -> libvirt_username. thanks Patrick Debois
[Libvirt] Provided better solution for ip_command : use shell variable instead of ruby string for mac-address. thanks Patrick Debois
vmfusion provider , requires the fission gem (pull request pending). thanks Patrick Debois
fixed missing disk-> volume conversion. thanks Patrick Debois
another log entry style resused old ethernet. thanks Patrick Debois
Fix warning about whitespace before parentheses in dns.rb. thanks Rick Bradley
Added support fo canned ACLs in put_object_acl. thanks dblock
Updated put_bucket_acl to support canned ACLs. thanks dblock
Marking as pending. thanks dblock
Refactored specs, mocks, etc. thanks dblock
Revert "[core] make sure credentials tests properly reset after completion". thanks geemus
Update gemspec description to mention popular services that are supported. thanks watsonian
fixes for list formats. thanks geemus
fix for network formats. thanks geemus
add default (ubuntu) image for servers. thanks geemus
all important domains requests. thanks Brian Hartsock
zone models. thanks Brian Hartsock
records requests. thanks Brian Hartsock
record models. thanks Brian Hartsock
minor docs update. thanks Brian Hartsock
add mock initializer. thanks geemus
consistency fixes and tests and mark pending in mocked. thanks geemus
fix mock init to play nice with tests. thanks geemus
fixes for updates to beta. thanks geemus
fix path for tests. thanks geemus
fixes for tests. thanks geemus
fix broken model paths. thanks geemus
update MVP skip list. thanks geemus
add collaborator count to changelog stats. thanks geemus
Fixed what appeared to be broken test (I only verified with Rackspace provider). thanks Brian Hartsock
Add options to File#copy method. thanks Aaron Suggs
move aws storage back with other aws stuff (namespacing should probably be recorrected as well). thanks geemus
move google storage to shared google stuff (namespacing should probably be corrected). thanks geemus
move local storage to its own shared area (namespacing should probably be corrected). thanks geemus
move ninefold storage to its own shared area (namespacing should probably be corrected). thanks geemus
use Fog::HMAC. thanks geemus
Fixed NotFound namespace. thanks Grégory Karékinian
move rackspace storage to its own shared area (namespacing should probably be corrected). thanks geemus
rearrange to match new lib structure. thanks geemus
mark not implemented mocks as pending. thanks geemus
more helpful formats helper errors. thanks geemus
fixed destroy function. thanks Patrick Debois
reworked structure as will be released in 0.4.0a. thanks Patrick Debois
mark test requiring guid pending, as require can not be found. thanks geemus
remove unnecessary mocha require. thanks geemus
0.11.0 08/18/2011 73bcee507a4732e071c58d85793b7f307eb377dc
Stats! { 'downloads' => 202791, 'forks' => 237, 'open_issues' => 20, 'watchers' => 1427 }
MVP! Brian Hartsock
Added commands for streaming distribution lists. thanks Christopher Oliver
describe security groups parser was not taking into account ipPermissionsEgress and therefore returning unexpected results when the account had VPC groups. thanks Christopher Oliver
Added missing 'platform' attribute to server model and describe instances request. thanks Christopher Oliver
fix 'Path' handling for get_group response. thanks Nick Osborn
add missing update_server_certificate request. thanks Nick Osborn
Allow string or symbol hash keys. thanks Aaron Suggs
Added basic tests for get_bucket, fixed a bug in get_bucket with delimiter option, tests succeed for both mocked and real situation. thanks Erik Terpstra
policy should be base64 encoded and not contain new lines. thanks Fujimura Daisuke
Require 'multi_json' was lucked. thanks Fujimura Daisuke
add server base class to contain shared stuff (scp/ssh). thanks geemus
Whitespace removal. thanks Dylan Egan
Allow image mocks to support state (except failed). thanks Dylan Egan
fix pluralization of modify_image_attribute. thanks geemus
update modify image/snapshot attribute to match latest API. thanks geemus
add modify_image_attribute. thanks geemus
add support for saving assigned tags at server creation time. thanks geemus
add docs for new options on run_instances. thanks geemus
guard tag creation against empty tag set. thanks geemus
fixes for bootstrap and placing attributes json. thanks geemus
identity not needed for setup. thanks geemus
fix for running nice with mocked test run. thanks geemus
Updated test for new expected response from server. thanks Paul Thornthwaite
Updated Account format test to allow valid_credit_card flag. thanks Paul Thornthwaite
Added IPv6 address to format now it is exposed to API. thanks Paul Thornthwaite
DRY up request method. thanks Paul Thornthwaite
Corrected attribute name. thanks Paul Thornthwaite
position in format is string, not integer. thanks geemus
dry generate_unique_domain to tests helper. thanks geemus
cleanup of initial implementation. thanks geemus
fixes to play nice with mocked test runs. thanks geemus
add host/port/scheme to recognizes. thanks geemus
add task to build/publish supported services matrix. thanks geemus
alphasort doc tasks. thanks geemus
if creating an s3 directory (bucket), one needs to pass in :location as well as have the aws connection set to the correct region... thanks Adam Greene
- Write files as binary (otherwise UTF8 - ASCII errors can occur) - Check if File exists before trying to delete it (paperclip sometimes deletes files twice) - Check if Directory exists before trying to "cd" into it. thanks Andre Meij
Fix issue 464, add howto for European Rackspace cloud. thanks Andre Meij
Initial support for adding/deleting a load balancer (requests only). thanks Brian Hartsock
Complete lifecycle for a load balancer. thanks Brian Hartsock
Improved error handling. thanks Brian Hartsock
Model and collection for load balancers. thanks Brian Hartsock
Fixed issues with loading all LB params. thanks Brian Hartsock
Requests for nodes. thanks Brian Hartsock
Rackspace Load Balancers: model classes for nodes. thanks Brian Hartsock
Rackspace Load Balancers: requests for virtual ips. thanks Brian Hartsock
Added virtual IP models. thanks Brian Hartsock
Rackspace LB: Made some updates from the pull request. thanks Brian Hartsock
Rackspace LB: protocols, algorithms, and connection logging. thanks Brian Hartsock
Added access list requests. thanks Brian Hartsock
Rackspace LB: Added session persistence requests. thanks Brian Hartsock
Rackspace LB: Connection throttling requests. thanks Brian Hartsock
Rackspace LB: Fixed issues with connection logging model. thanks Brian Hartsock
Rackspace LB: Health Monitor requests. thanks Brian Hartsock
Rackspace LB: account usage request. thanks Brian Hartsock
Rackspace LB: Load Balancer Usage requests. thanks Brian Hartsock
Rackspace LB: Added model capabilities for a lot of additional actions. thanks Brian Hartsock
Rackspace LB: models for access lists. thanks Brian Hartsock
Rackspace LB: account usage call. thanks Brian Hartsock
Rackspace LB: Refactoring and cleanup. thanks Brian Hartsock
register_image mocking support. thanks Dylan Egan
Remove GENTOO_AMI. thanks Dylan Egan
Store it under the ID, not the name. thanks Dylan Egan
Allow tag filtering for images. thanks Dylan Egan
Set imageOwnerAlias to self. Not 100% on this, but it will allow you to search for images with 'owner-alias' => 'self'. thanks Dylan Egan
Back to using Owner. A couple of tests for it too. thanks Dylan Egan
Added support for delimiter option in Fog::Storage::AWS::Mock object. thanks Erik Terpstra
Link to EBS snapshots blog post. thanks Gavin Sandie
Add force stop functionality to AWS Instance. thanks John Ferlito
* Changed LoadError to Fog::Error::LoadError when missing configuration * When running from command line, rescue the exception, and print the help message. thanks Mark A. Miller
* Fix VirtualBox in compute case statement. thanks Mark A. Miller
Update to the latest VirtualBox gem while we're at it for good measure. thanks Mark A. Miller
add dynect DNS provider with session request implemented. thanks Michael Hale
add dynect provider and cleanup extra requires. thanks Michael Hale
enable mocking for dynect. thanks Michael Hale
parse session request and fix mock for tests. thanks Michael Hale
whoops forgot to add these files. thanks Michael Hale
temporary rake task for convenient testing. thanks Michael Hale
include /REST in all requests. thanks Michael Hale
change API-Token to Auth-Token. thanks Michael Hale
add zone request. thanks Michael Hale
fix API-Token in mock session request. thanks Michael Hale
always run both mock and non-mock tests. thanks Michael Hale
parse the list of zones returned. thanks Michael Hale
require builder in dynect. thanks Michael Hale
WIP: add stub model classes. thanks Michael Hale
tests passing. thanks Michael Hale
rename zone request to zones. thanks Michael Hale
add zone request to show information for a single zone. thanks Michael Hale
hook up zones model. thanks Michael Hale
hook up zones.get. thanks Michael Hale
dynect: add a bunch of stuff: node_list, list_any_records, handle 307 job redirect,. thanks Michael Hale
dynect: nicer filter api for records. thanks Michael Hale
Escape source object name when copying. thanks Pratik Naik
provide #providers for shared services. thanks geemus
[rackspace|load balancers]
fixed broken tests. thanks Brian Hartsock
fixes to play nice with mock test runs. thanks geemus
fix typo in tests. thanks geemus
cleanup. thanks geemus
add newest MVP to changelog task MVP omit list. thanks geemus
add stats to changelog. thanks geemus
remove un-needed rebuild of gem. thanks geemus
fix deprecated get_url usage. thanks geemus
simplify region accessor. thanks geemus
remove debug output. thanks geemus
non-destructively generate id for get('fake') == nil tests. thanks geemus
0.10.0 07/25/2011 9ca8cffc000c417a792235438c12855a277fe1ce
MVPs! Christopher Oliver, Dylan Egan and Henry Addison
[AWS Autoscaling]
Fixed typo in put scaling policy request. thanks Christopher Oliver
Fixed error in describe policies parser. thanks Christopher Oliver
Got describe policies returning correctly. thanks Christopher Oliver
Removed unnecessary options merge in Delete Policy request. thanks Christopher Oliver
Added Alias related functionality to IAM. Also added get_group_policy. thanks Christopher Oliver
Added missing request file for list account aliases. thanks Christopher Oliver
Added describe db engine versions and describe db reserved instances. Changed the signed params version to 2011-04-01 from 2010-07-28. thanks Christopher Oliver
Added LicenseModel to the db_parser. thanks Christopher Oliver
fix bug that was causing availability zones to not parse properly on get/reload. thanks Blake Gentry
default values for Listeners. thanks Blake Gentry
offload Listener defaults to the Listener model. thanks Blake Gentry
flesh out basics. thanks geemus
flesh out basics. thanks geemus
implement 2010-08-01 API. thanks Nick Osborn
metrics#get should return nil when not found. thanks geemus
mark unimplemented/unsupported tests as pending. thanks geemus
mark overly specific test as pending. thanks geemus
improve model and tests. thanks Nick Osborn
add test to verify that ListenerDescriptions work when creating an ELB. thanks Blake Gentry
make describe_load_balancers parse SSLCertificateId. Verify with test. thanks Blake Gentry
Raise proper IAM error for CertificateNotFound when creating an ELB or creating Listeners. thanks Blake Gentry
move ELB error handling related to certs to the ELB service instead of duplicating at the request level. thanks Blake Gentry
use slurp when raising errors to properly capture exception details. thanks Blake Gentry
Add set_load_balancer_listener_ssl_certificate. thanks James Miller
fix listener defaults to use merge_attributes and therefore aliases. thanks geemus
add error handling for common failures resulting from upload_server_certificate. thanks Blake Gentry
fix superclass mismatch. thanks Blake Gentry
add get_server_certificate request. thanks Blake Gentry
raise correct ValidationError when an empty cert or key is used. thanks Blake Gentry
Simplify error handling code for errors with custom classes. thanks Blake Gentry
raise EntityAlreadyExists when creating a duplicate cert name. thanks Blake Gentry
tests and mocks to support many types of key/cert issues. thanks Blake Gentry
add proper error messages. thanks Blake Gentry
fix expected error result from login_profile_tests. thanks geemus
add LicenseModel to format. thanks geemus
provide for using ConsistentRead on get_attributes and select. thanks geemus
fix get_attributes mock deprecation. thanks geemus
fix stormondemand namespace mismatch. thanks geemus
cluster compute placement group implementation. thanks geemus
add request level support for spot instances. thanks geemus
fix describe_instances parser to get group ids correctly. thanks geemus
fix compute accessor in tests. thanks geemus
fixes for ip accessor usage. thanks geemus
Fixed typo in deprecation warning. thanks Paul Thornthwaite
Fixed deprecated use of Brightbox[:compute] to new Compute[:brightbox]. thanks Paul Thornthwaite
New preference exposed in API added to format test. thanks Paul Thornthwaite
add default serviceofferingid (flavor). thanks geemus
fix zone format. thanks geemus
small consistency fixes for server. thanks geemus
fix for token expiry/reauth. thanks geemus
backwards compatibility for gem availability check. thanks geemus
fix server format. thanks geemus
avoid ArgumentError with Ruby 1.8.5 on CentOS. thanks Nick Osborn
fix to_date_header to use self.utc instead of thanks geemus
avoid ||= in timeout lookup. thanks geemus
update index to use non-deprecated service accessor. thanks geemus
Fix ::AWS[] syntax that's only valid in Fog tests when bin/aws.rb is loaded. thanks Blake Gentry
Typos. thanks Blake Gentry
Require json needed for both Real and Mock implementation of Rackspace; SSH commands in Mock just print to command line. thanks Brian Hartsock
Revert "Require json needed for both Real and Mock implementation of Rackspace; SSH commands in Mock just print to command line". thanks Brian Hartsock
require json for rackspace compute mock. thanks Brian Hartsock
Fixed #444 - Unable to squash kvp with false values. thanks Brian Hartsock
Fix make OpenStack swift working properly. thanks Chmouel Boudjnah
Move the timeout to Mock and stop hardcoding. thanks Christopher Meiklejohn
Fix failures in the simpledb testing due to attribute array option deprecation. thanks Christopher Meiklejohn
Guard against item_name not being a valid key. thanks Christopher Meiklejohn
Switch to the has_key? syntax for cleanliness. thanks Christopher Meiklejohn
Move timeout up to Fog from Fog::Mock. thanks Christopher Meiklejohn
Fix deprecation messages. thanks Claudio Poli
Make Rails' respond_with play nice with to_json. thanks Claudio Poli
Use multi_json gem. thanks Claudio Poli
Public API for force_detach on Fog::Compute::AWS::Volume. thanks Dylan Egan
Should actually use the attachment_aliases hash. thanks Dylan Egan
server method for Fog::Compute::AWS::Volume to easily get the server instance. thanks Dylan Egan
requires_one, allows you to require at least one of the specified attributes. thanks Dylan Egan
Remove pending on iam/server_certificate_tests. Start the mocking. thanks Dylan Egan
list_server_certificates and delete_server_certificates. thanks Dylan Egan
Yes, yes it is better. thanks Dylan Egan
Start ELB mocks. Support create_load_balancer and describe_load_balancers. thanks Dylan Egan
configure_health_check and create_app_cookie_stickiness_policy. thanks Dylan Egan
create_lb_cookie_stickiness_policy and delete_load_balancer_policy. thanks Dylan Egan
create_load_balancer_listeneners and set_load_balancer_policies_of_listener. thanks Dylan Egan
delete_load_balancer_listeners and delete_load_balancer (with two more tests). thanks Dylan Egan
deregister_instances_from_load_balancer, describe_instance_health, disable_availability_for_load_balancer, enable_availability_zones_for_load_balancer, register_instances_with_load_balancer and updates to others to get ELB model_tests working. thanks Dylan Egan
Remove requirement of basic parsers. thanks Dylan Egan
Move things around a bit. Separate ELB test file per concerns. thanks Dylan Egan
SSL for ELB mocking. thanks Dylan Egan
Tested against AWS. Needed this. Apparently SSLCertificateId == Arn. thanks Dylan Egan
Use available availability_zones. thanks Dylan Egan
Wait for volume to be ready again. thanks Dylan Egan
AWS instance tests 100% against real. thanks Dylan Egan
Make stuff pending if you're mocking. Need to fix spot_price_history_tests, see comment. thanks Dylan Egan
Let's just sleep forever. thanks Dylan Egan
Reinstate ipAddress and privateIpAddress as they're provided for non-terminated instances. thanks Dylan Egan
Reinstate ramdiskId. thanks Dylan Egan
Revert "Reinstate ramdiskId." - fuckit! Seems like AWS doesn't return ramdiskId for. thanks Dylan Egan
Clean up timeout and add tests. thanks Dylan Egan
Quick fix, ith != i. thanks Dylan Egan
Begin work on mocking reserved instances. Provide describe_reserved_instances_offerings for mocking and real. REAL TALK. thanks Dylan Egan
reserved_instances mocking. I think, it's hard to test against a real AWS account since it costs money. thanks Dylan Egan
Default to 1. thanks Dylan Egan
add spot instance request models. thanks Edward Middleton
fixed spot_requests. thanks Edward Middleton
spot instance fixes. thanks Edward Middleton
cloud_watch toplevel. thanks Frederick Cheung
add get/put/list metrics. thanks Frederick Cheung
Corrected a couple of syntax errors in the put and get metric cloudwatch requests. thanks Henry Addison
Fixed the parser for list metrics cloudwatch request. thanks Henry Addison
Added first test of successful list metrics. thanks Henry Addison
simplified a bit the long case statement in end element in list_metrics parser. thanks Henry Addison
added a few more cloudwatch request metric tests. thanks Henry Addison
added metrics collection and model for cloudwatch with all and get methods. thanks Henry Addison
split out and got passing get metric statistics request tests. thanks Henry Addison
Added metric statistics model and collection. thanks Henry Addison
removed old test file. thanks Henry Addison
removed empty test for for metric model (nothing to test at the moment). thanks Henry Addison
removed unnecessary attributes from metrics collection (naughty copy and pasting). thanks Henry Addison
got put_metric_data request working and tested. thanks Henry Addison
added model and collection methods and tests to allow putting of metric data. thanks Henry Addison
renamed argument for all method in cloud watch metric_statistics from filters to conditions as filters has a meaning in fog. thanks Henry Addison
added a conditions method to all metrics method to help filter all metrics. thanks Henry Addison
Added some defaults for StartTime, EndTime and Period to model for MetricStatistics. thanks Henry Addison
Begin SQS support. thanks Jon Crosby
Continued SQS support. thanks Jon Crosby
Add SQS get_queue_attributes. thanks Jon Crosby
Fix rubygems warning. thanks Jonas Pfenniger
Patch for AWS S3 Metadata problem. thanks Kenji Kabashima
Changed number of cores reported for rackspace flavors in order to match current rackspace documentation. thanks Steven Danna
Checking path for nil. thanks Timothy Klim
Fixed escaping in Fog::AWS.escape. thanks croaker
Changed the encoding of the space character. thanks croaker
rebuild gemfile during release to include updated changelog. thanks geemus
bump excon dep. thanks geemus
loosen dependencies to avoid conflicts. thanks geemus
bump formatador dep. thanks geemus
to_json calls to use MultiJson. thanks geemus
make collection class_eval more consistent. thanks geemus
update gem deps to latest/greatest. thanks geemus
Return nil if HOME is non-absolute. Fixes #397. thanks jc00ke
Fix a bunch of paths. thanks phiggins
Start of SNS. thanks phiggins
Working ListUsers for SNS. thanks phiggins
Remove copied-and-pasted documentation. thanks phiggins
Add SNS's get_topic_attributes command. thanks phiggins
SNS ListSubscriptions. thanks phiggins
SNS ListSubscriptionsByTopic. thanks phiggins
SNS CreateTopic and DeleteTopic. thanks phiggins
SNS Publish. thanks phiggins
SNS AddPermission. thanks phiggins
SNS RemovePermission. thanks phiggins
SNS SetTopicAttributes. thanks phiggins
SNS Subscribe. thanks phiggins
SNS ConfirmSubscription and Unsubscribe. thanks phiggins
Add sns to fog bin. thanks phiggins
Start SNS tests. thanks phiggins
Framework + request method for Ninefold storage. thanks Lincoln Stoll
Directories Functionality. thanks Lincoln Stoll
Nested directories. thanks Lincoln Stoll
File operations. thanks Lincoln Stoll
Update an existing file. thanks Lincoln Stoll
set content type correctly. thanks Lincoln Stoll
add mvps and fix uploader. thanks geemus
remove problematic pbcopy from changelog rake task. thanks geemus
make changelog build separate from release. thanks geemus
provide http/https options for signed urls. thanks geemus
properly format modified headers in get_object. thanks geemus
fix escaping for file#public_url. thanks geemus
fix get_object_https_url namespace copy/paste error. thanks geemus
fix file#destroy and test cleanup. thanks geemus
add large object support via put_object_manifest. thanks geemus
cleanup formatting/style. thanks geemus
make unimplemented mock tests pending. thanks geemus
fix collection helper to play nice with numeric ids. thanks geemus
replace letters with letters and numbers with numbers in collection#get failure test. thanks geemus
create server now takes :catalog_items_uri as an option. thanks Kunal Parikh
now referencing catalog_item_uri from options. thanks Kunal Parikh
saving server attributes (uncommented code). thanks Kunal Parikh
Revert "saving server attributes (uncommented code)". thanks Kunal Parikh
duplicate ecloud code for vcloud, remove obvious terremark specific code. thanks Lincoln Stoll
update catalog models for 1.0. thanks Lincoln Stoll
make auth work. thanks Lincoln Stoll
filter non-server items from server list. thanks Lincoln Stoll
update for 1.0 functionality, server operations working. thanks Lincoln Stoll
use correct power status ID for 'off'. thanks Lincoln Stoll
allow specifying a default VDC uri as 'vcloud_default_vdc'. thanks Lincoln Stoll
Add description field to server model. thanks Lincoln Stoll
Correct friendly status power off check. thanks Lincoln Stoll
correct hardware attribute reading. thanks Lincoln Stoll
no longer possible to specify memory & cpu on vapp creation. thanks Lincoln Stoll
remove outdated/invalid mocking & specs. thanks Lincoln Stoll
fix deleting servers. thanks Lincoln Stoll
server creation outside of VDC. thanks Lincoln Stoll
undeploy request. thanks Lincoln Stoll
memory reconfiguration. thanks Lincoln Stoll
make status/ready handling more reliable. thanks Lincoln Stoll
server tests. thanks Lincoln Stoll
only require template name for tests. thanks Lincoln Stoll
add and remove disks. thanks Lincoln Stoll
ruby 1.8 compatibility. thanks Lincoln Stoll
fix error messages in test helper. thanks Lincoln Stoll
Fix setting of description. thanks Lincoln Stoll
method to find catalog item by name across all catalogs. thanks Lincoln Stoll
correct provider lookup. thanks Lincoln Stoll
0.9.0 06/24/2011 32960d165a65f12d41785f924e6b6b6d8442516a
MVPs! Lincoln Stoll and Luqman Amjad
use AWS.escape instead of CGI.escape. thanks geemus
Use #public_ip_address instead of deprecated #ip_address in Server#setup. thanks Martin Emde
mock: make address detach others before associating. thanks geemus
Fix failing created_at test caused by Ruby 1.9 changes to Range#include?. Use simpler test that doesn't care about the exact created_at time. thanks Blake Gentry
Update ELB API to version 2011-04-05. thanks Blake Gentry
Fix typo in usage documentation and add 'ap-northeast-1' to regions list. thanks Blake Gentry
Rearrange DescribeLoadBalancersResult contents to alphabetical order to match the official AWS docs and make it easier to update the list. thanks Blake Gentry
Add new attributes for 2011-04-05 API. thanks Blake Gentry
Add parameter group tests. thanks Aaron Suggs
Add server model & collection tests. thanks Aaron Suggs
Add security_groups collection and model tests. thanks Aaron Suggs
Server#destroy argument is optional. thanks Aaron Suggs
Refactor RDS model & collection tests. thanks Aaron Suggs
recognize :region option in thanks Nick Osborn
Add get/put bucket policy support. thanks Michael Linderman
Add options argument to delete_object to set headers. thanks Michael Linderman
Add delete bucket policy. thanks Michael Linderman
discern between no file and no directory for files.get. thanks geemus
fix error type for non-directories in files.get. thanks geemus
Added missing Image#compatibility_mode attribute. thanks Paul Thornthwaite
Fixed Format of Account representation. thanks Paul Thornthwaite
Fixed Format of nested CloudIP's server attribute. thanks Paul Thornthwaite
New account limits exposed in API, updating format test. thanks Paul Thornthwaite
ApiClient revoked time exposed in API. Updated format test. thanks Paul Thornthwaite
refactor provider/service namespacing. thanks geemus
fix top level class/module mismatch. thanks geemus
first pass at examples. thanks geemus
refactor provider/service namespacing. thanks geemus
fixes/skips to get examples working. thanks geemus
fix helpers to use Fog::AWS. thanks geemus
simplify describe_instances parser. thanks geemus
fix deprecated compute service accessor usage. thanks geemus
improve consistency of waiting for ssh to be ready. thanks geemus
remove debug output from last commit. thanks geemus
fix format and template id in tests. thanks geemus
Fixed missed lookup in broken tests caused by namespace rename. thanks Paul Thornthwaite
fix namespace leftovers. thanks geemus
test cleanup. thanks geemus
fix nil check for auth token. thanks geemus
fix namespace issue. thanks geemus
fix flavor tests to properly skip voxel. thanks geemus
fix namespace issue. thanks geemus
add namespaced errors for better messaging. thanks geemus
making error more idiomatic. thanks geemus
fix mock reset to work with new namespaces. thanks geemus
rename ip to value for record. thanks geemus
refactor provider/service namespacing. thanks geemus
skip model/collection tests for now (timing issue). thanks geemus
fix deprecated record#ip= usage. thanks geemus
fixes for namespacing. thanks geemus
namespace related fixes. thanks geemus
main index redirects to /latest. thanks geemus
fix rdoc link on index. thanks geemus
update to match refactorings. thanks geemus
fix descriptions. thanks geemus
mark format test for stackscripts pending due to inconsistency of string/float for a value. thanks geemus
add braces for new into the documents. thanks Chris Mague
use correct variable name in test description. thanks Dr Nic Williams
Not sure if I'm missing something here, but rake did not work. thanks Dylan Egan
You only need either the size or the snapshot_id. thanks Dylan Egan
Provide mocked console output if server has been up for over the delay time. thanks Dylan Egan
LIES!. thanks Dylan Egan
Add support for specifying a CDN CNAME when getting a Rackspace Cloud Files directory. thanks H. Wade Minter
add missing comma. thanks Joseph Anthony Pasquale Holsten
skip rackspace get_object test when mocking. thanks Joseph Anthony Pasquale Holsten
give a more useful error if someone tries to say connection.directories.create('dir'). thanks Joseph Anthony Pasquale Holsten
Added my blog post. thanks Larry Wright
Add recursive argument to server scp methods. Set to false by default. thanks Luke Robins
Add an options hash to scp. Set to {} by default. thanks Luke Robins
Added new DNS provider => DNS Made Easy. thanks Luqman Amjad
Removed sandbox url for DNS Made Easy. thanks Luqman Amjad
Added missing method "delete all domains". thanks Luqman Amjad
(DNSMadeEasy) added support for updating records via PUT. thanks Luqman Amjad
Added missing reference to delete_all_domains. thanks Luqman Amjad
Rescue 404 when fetching zone. thanks Luqman Amjad
Added new blog posting about fog and Carrierwave. thanks Mike Gehard
Edited docs/about/press.markdown via GitHub. thanks Mike Gehard
Typo fix. thanks Oge Nnadi
Fixed Fog::AWS::SimpleDB#delete_attributes. thanks Pan Thomakos
add Net::SCP options parameter to Fog::SCP proxy. thanks Phil Cohen
use a hash not nil for default scp_options. thanks Phil Cohen
rackspace auth url only prepend protocol as needed. thanks Todd Willey
Allow auth tokens to be shared among connections to rackspace api. thanks Todd Willey
OpenStack responds 200 when creating servers. thanks Todd Willey
added 0.8.2 changelog contents. thanks geemus
separate and rdoc tasks. thanks geemus
remove provider attribute from shared services. thanks geemus
[storage][aws] fix leftover namespace mismatch. thanks geemus
[storage][google] fix leftover namespace mismatch. thanks geemus
Edited lib/fog/storage/rackspace.rb via GitHub. thanks kbockmanrs
Boilerplate for ninefold. thanks Lincoln Stoll
Ninefold List Functionality. thanks Lincoln Stoll
VM Operations + dependencies. thanks Lincoln Stoll
Fix data formats for virtual machines. thanks Lincoln Stoll
IP Address requests. thanks Lincoln Stoll
Refactor out job waiting functionality, test correct data. thanks Lincoln Stoll
NAT functionality. thanks Lincoln Stoll
Core model functionality. thanks Lincoln Stoll
Public IPs and Rules. thanks Lincoln Stoll
use lowest network ID as default, correct assignment. thanks Lincoln Stoll
No mocks, simplify code. thanks Lincoln Stoll
Save operations not supported. thanks Lincoln Stoll
add examples back into default rake task. thanks geemus
update changelog during release process. thanks geemus
refactor provider/service namespacing. thanks geemus
more robust query handling for signed url. thanks geemus
make url a bit more robust. thanks geemus
fix url to check for query. thanks geemus
fix whitespace errors. thanks geemus
more precise mocked get_object. thanks geemus
fix files#get_url. thanks geemus
add dnsmadeeasy and ninefold to mock credentials. thanks geemus
nuke rake task for test related cleanup. thanks geemus
make collection gsub to find nils a bit more resilient/unique. thanks geemus
trying again to make collection gsub to get nils more resilient/unique. thanks geemus
0.8.2 05/26/2011 9e6ebb6f7316273eb489f8cb60eb1642e6df357b
MVP! nightshade427
better region/zone handling for mocks. thanks geemus
indentation fix for last commit. thanks geemus
add class level reset for Fog::AWS::Compute::Mock. thanks geemus
make mock delay comparison >= so that delay 0 will work properly. thanks geemus
respect security zone choice in mocked run_instances closes #314. thanks geemus
respect key_name in mocked run_instances. thanks geemus
fix instance format in tests. thanks geemus
fix format for account in tests. thanks geemus
Test server reloading. thanks Aaron Suggs
consistency in #state call and mock test fixes. thanks geemus
Fix server tests. thanks Aaron Suggs
Mock get_password_data request. thanks Aaron Suggs
Fix default region when mocking. thanks Aaron Suggs
Better key_pair tests. thanks Aaron Suggs
Make volumes format more flexible. thanks Aaron Suggs
Fixed credential tests. thanks Aaron Suggs
Fix responds_to test helper. thanks Aaron Suggs
omit Release commits from changelog. thanks geemus
put changelog in clipboard to finish release. thanks geemus
more consistent redirector for thanks geemus
create Fog.available_providers for bin rather than overriding Fog.providers. thanks geemus
add dnsimple_url param to facilitate using closes #323. thanks geemus
first pass at compute doc. thanks geemus
update version in header/layout. thanks geemus
also build/deploy rdocs. thanks geemus
make link to newest versioned docs. thanks geemus
mark bin specs pending unless credentials provided closes #325. thanks geemus
fixes for pending mocked tests. thanks geemus
Flatten list of security groups. thanks Dan Peterson
Added an example of the head method. thanks Larry Wright
Clarified my example. thanks Larry Wright
Add a link to fog's Rubydocs. thanks Mathias Meyer
:size should be a number in GB, not an instance size (e.g. t1.micro). thanks Michael Conigliaro
tests. thanks Nicholas Ricketts
added rdoc comments. thanks Nicholas Ricketts
Add Amazon API reference link to requests' documentation. thanks Peter Weldon
Add reset method to mock classes. thanks anomalousthought
Add a reset method to Fog::Mock that resets all providers/services. thanks anomalousthought
Add reset method to other providers in addition to Compute providers. thanks anomalousthought
Add a reset method to Fog::Mock that resets all providers/services in addition to Compute providers. thanks anomalousthought
Public key results are cached, avoid a bug by using that cache. thanks bigfleet
0.8.1 changelog. thanks geemus
messy first pass at parallelization of testing. thanks geemus
fix deprecated rdoc rake tasks. thanks geemus
add mvp suggestion to changelog task. thanks geemus
started linode models. thanks nightshade427
added images models. thanks nightshade427
added kernel modes. thanks nightshade427
added datacenters models. thanks nightshade427
server provisioning completed. thanks nightshade427
server creation and deletion working. thanks nightshade427
generalize code. thanks nightshade427
creating via stackscripts with callbacks working. thanks nightshade427
added shutdown, reboot, boot. thanks nightshade427
made config private. thanks nightshade427
tests passing. thanks nightshade427
revert tests to proper error codes, waiting on fix from linode to support correct error codes. thanks nightshade427
code cleanup, tests passing. thanks nightshade427
more passing tests. thanks nightshade427
more test passing. thanks nightshade427
more test passing. thanks nightshade427
more test passing. thanks nightshade427
more test passing. thanks nightshade427
more test passing. thanks nightshade427
fix Fog::Mock.reset. thanks Dan Peterson
error sooner for completely unimplemented services. thanks geemus
cleanup and reset related fixes. thanks geemus
make mocks respect Fog::Mock.delay. thanks geemus
fix/consolidate content-length for utf8. thanks geemus
add additional fake credentials for mocked tests. thanks geemus
fix format for servers in tests. thanks geemus
0.8.1 05/13/2011 3a452347a396f0ad1fea7f5475fb3c349b10f527
less confusing explanation comment. thanks geemus
Fix describe_instances filtering. thanks ktheory
Add get_password_data request. thanks ktheory
Add test for Fog::Parsers::Base. thanks ktheory
handle busted ENV['HOME']. thanks pfalcone closes #301. thanks geemus
update in release task. thanks geemus
add hash to changelog. thanks geemus
work toward automating changelog. thanks geemus
0.8.0 05/12/2011 27bf76d1f881bec0f900cd11d5c2a10dce4856ca
MVP! ktheory
[aws|cloudformation] tests sleep to avoid throttling error :(
Add tests for create, describe, and delete. thanks ktheory
Fix Policies in describe_load_balancers parser. thanks ktheory
Stub out missing requests. thanks ktheory
Add configure_health_check request. thanks ktheory
Add support for creating and deleting listeners. thanks ktheory
Add requests for creating cookie policies. thanks ktheory
Add request ELB#delete_load_balancer_policy. thanks ktheory
Add request ELB#set_load_balancer_policies_of_listener. thanks ktheory
Create a model and collection for load_balancers. thanks ktheory
Create Policies collection and model. thanks ktheory
Create Listeners collection and model. thanks ktheory
Remove redundant NotFound error class. thanks ktheory
reorg model files for consistency
Added server certificate tests. thanks ktheory
Parse server certificate UploadDate. thanks ktheory
Add list_server_certificates request. thanks ktheory
fix test description for update_login_profile
Fix exception for missing DB security groups. thanks ktheory
Remove redundant NotFound class. thanks ktheory
Improve instance tests. thanks ktheory
reorg model files for consistency
change status waits for more consistent testing
fix format of Destinations in send_raw_email and correct doc. thanks jhawthorne
Make specifying Destinations for send_raw_email work and match amazon docs. thanks jhawthorne
fix indent in doc. thanks jhawthorne
correction for item and attribute counters in encode_batch_attributes. thanks joshounapoli
Fix a problem with the encoding of the tilde character. AWS needs tilde to be unescaped, or else the signature fails. CGI.escape escapes tilde; don't use it. thanks joshounapoli
Correction to the regular expression for unreserved characters. thanks joshounapoli
Test encode_batch_attributes with two attributes in one item to demonstrate an error in encode_batch_attributes. An unmocked test run will show a "400 Bad Request" response from SimpleDB. thanks joshounapoli
default to Ubuntu 10.04 LTS 64bit for image id
Fix server tests. thanks ktheory
Fixes trailing whitespace in attributes. thanks ktheory
Fix & improve some tests. thanks ktheory
Use default AMI in tests. thanks ktheory
Add failing tests for keypair parsing. thanks ktheory
Add different availability zones for each region to the mock. thanks smerritt
Update docs for Compute::Real#initialize to include ap-* regions. thanks smerritt
change default flavor to t1.micro (so it will be 64-bit)
use old style, more consistent call to get single instance
fix console output format in tests
Adding lb_applications, lb_services, lb_backends attributes to the model. thanks cparades
Adding in a few more tests for LB's. thanks cparades
Rolling back change. thanks cparades
Added in some data for testing. thanks cparades
Fixed typo in Bluebox test. thanks tokengeek
don't use a lb_application I don't own in tests
Updated Image identifiers to match latest available Ubuntu Lucid 10.04 LTS 64bit image. thanks tokengeek
1.9.2 compat, String#[] doesn't return nil as we expected. thanks dpiddy
Implement Stormondemand API. thanks seeingidog
fixes for tests
Prevent voxel tests running if missing credentials. thanks tokengeek
minor fixes for voxel tests
Parser does not concatenates all the strings when parsing. thanks geraud
Drop default_executable line from gemspec. thanks mattsa
Fix small logic error in Model#wait_for. thanks pvande
Make Model#reload more resilient against errors. thanks pvande
Simplify dup-ing of @attributes for models. thanks smerritt
Make Model#dup copy the attributes too. thanks smerritt
Fix typo in spec output. thanks smerritt
tighten excon dependency. Closes #250
cleanup gemspec. closes #251
Fixes error messaging when credentials missing
update parser to better handle whitespace
Add link to multipart upload and threads article. thanks gsandie
restructure toward same organization as rest of repo
simplify redirector to just point at directory instead of specifically index.html
generalize version subbing in href to catch src too
style cleanup for cdn/dns/storage
storage shouldn't be all caps
link to more prominently
fix new links to properly include version
replace getting started link
add link to learn_fog
remove confusion by linking to instead of wiki
reworking getting started guide
add requires
[dns|aws] fix error handling for getting unknown keys
auto-paginate for #each closes #268
Add #each_file method to directory model. thanks smerritt
Add documentation for #each_file method. thanks smerritt
Emit warning from Files#each. thanks smerritt
Make Files#each iterate all files, not just the first page. thanks smerritt
Fix docs to say files.each, not each_file. thanks smerritt
Issue #283: S3 get_object request doesn't really support the Range header. thanks yalon
fix format for multipart upload tests
fix format in bucket_tests
mark get_object with block test pending when mocked
0.7.2 04/05/2011
enabling region parameter for AWS cloud formation requests. thanks flessa
remove CGI escape from create_security_group. thanks coliver
replace remaining specs with shindo tests
update #keypairs reference to #key_pairs. thanks pvande
Emulate volume unavailability when mocking. thanks mtodd
Raise error on non-existent snapshot for create_volume. thanks mtodd
Add tag to resource data when creating a mock tag. thanks betamatt
Add tag filtering to mocks for snapshots, volumes, instances. thanks betamatt
Add delete_tags mock. thanks betamatt
Support tag-key, tag-value, tag:key filters. thanks betamatt
Correct name of dns-filter filter. thanks betamatt
allow key pair to write into properly chmodded files. thanks gerred
Making key pair names a little less potentially brittle. thanks gerred
fix public_ip_address accessors
updated base parser to not eagerly strip return data. thanks bdorry
don't escape ssh commands. thanks pvande
Deal with missing FOG_RC/HOME env vars better. thanks outerim
fix push parser block passed to excon > 0.6.0
move stuff into docs directory
pull in and format data from README, wiki, blog posts
head_object should use HEAD. thanks nate
Support for serving Rackspace CDN objects via SSL. thanks minter
Use URI.escape instead of CGI.escape. thanks minter
0.7.1 03/21/2011
[aws|storage] normalize headers. thanks pweldon
[mock] fix reset_data to not be called in Mock#initialize
[rackspace] add support for using servicenet. thanks minter
[storage] provide for non file/string files. thanks pweldon
0.7.0 03/14/2011
[aws] added ap-northeast-1 (tokyo) region options
[aws|cloudformation] add basic support. thanks crazed
[aws|elb] add support for configuring https
add support for server certificates. thanks bensie
add support for login profiles. thanks fcheung
support basic rds operations. thanks fcheung
add support for restoring servers and security groups. thanks ktheory
[cdn|rackspace] use post_container to update
fix tag.destroy. thanks eabbott
allow deleting all tags (instead of just specific ones)
fix revoke_security_group method signature
FLAVORS is now a constant
allow for modifying server monitoring. thanks gilles
[brightbox] thanks tokengeek
Added listener management (add/remove) requests for Load Balancers
Added new Server console activation request
Added activate_console method to Brightbox servers
Set Server#private_ip_address to be the first interface
[rackspace] 'official' workaround for awful caching
[virtualbox] rough proof of concept/initial implementation
fix behavior of slice on collections. thanks eabbott
fix reset_data to be instance method on mock connection (and work)
handle undefined ENV['HOME']
Allow string keys in credentials file [issue 179]. thanks ryanlower
[dns|dnsimple] fix misc bugs in models. thanks ijonas
use shared parse_data across providers
pass through explicit content-type
fix bug preventing file uploads to be streamed
0.6.0 02/28/2011
[aws|compute] fix method signature for security group requests. Thanks crazed
fleshing out support. Thanks bdorry and coliver
fix get_group parser to set Arn on group/member as appropriate
[bluebox|dns] added support. Thanks ggoodale
add basic scp support. Thanks crazed
consolidate ip accessors
added changelog, covering 0.5+
reset credentials when changing key or path. Thanks ctennis
[dnsimple|dns] added support. Thanks dje
[ecloud|compute] cleaned up and reworked as basis for future ecloud work
[aws|storage] add static website configuration methods
[local|storage] rewrite using nested directories (NOTE: not backwards compatible)
[rackspace|storage] disable cdn when deleting container
[voxel|compute] added support. Thanks splaspood
remove long standing deprecations
0.5.3 02/15/11
[terremark|ecloud] (thanks freeformz)
initial support for Disabled monitor types
InternetService#disable_monitor and #enable_ping_monitor
spec fixes and tests for the new monitor functions
fix logic error which prevented turning off persistent connections
fix _dump for collections/models
require json for to_json of collection/model
add some missing parens to fix warnings
0.5.2 02/11/11
[aws|compute] fix delete AWS tags to use proper method. Thanks ody
add sort for multi part upload fields. Thanks gavin
better RRS docs. Thanks bensie
Temporary redirect should not execute the block. Thanks vivienschillis
[tests] fix mock_helper load path to allow test runs in 1.9.2. Thanks aeden
[compute] disable password auth for current user, rather than always root
[aws&google|storage] properly handle custom headers in mocks
[aws&google|storage] make signature public method
[aws&google] finish fixing headers in mocks
[core] cleanup providers/services setup
[README] add contributing section, recommendations for blue shirts, move providers to, cleanup resources
implicitly add not_implemented mocks
0.5.1 01/31/11
Bug fixes.
[aws|iam] add signing certificate and list groups for user. thanks crazed
[gogrid|compute] added support for password api calls. thanks lum
[fog|time] add date header formatting that is non-localized
0.5.0 01/27/11
[aws|compute] describe reserved instances offerings
[aws|dns] Fix variable typo create_hosted_zone. Thanks mitchellh
[aws|ses] basic support. Thanks adelcambre
[aws|storage] Escape the path for signatures. Thanks croaker
[aws&google|storage] mock fixes
[local|storage] support file#content_type
[ssh] use an agent if available instead of requiring explicit keys. thanks davidx and tomstuart
[gogrid|compute] fix several issues. Thanks cardmagic
[rackspace|compute] get new auth token when one expires
[rackspace|storage] remove nil query params in requests
[terremark|ecloud] getting started on ecloud specific implementation