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A Paw extension to calculate WordPress nonce token
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WordPress Nonce Token (Paw Extension)

This extension calculates a WordPress nonce ACSRF token based on authorization cookie and some additional information, such as nonce salt, action and user id.

How to use

  1. WordPress nonce token is usually passed to the server via X-WP-Nonce HTTP header or in the request URL.
  2. In order to calculate the nonce value you need to fill in some additional information:
  • Nonce action: this value depends on your request. For REST API calls use wp_rest value.
  • Nonce key: this value is a random string which is found in your wp-config.php file, look for NONCE_KEY string, e.g: b8e6e48f8e4e8d58527dd275a0b0c007ac254acd940d7f89605eaa4793b750d0
  • Nonce salt: this value is a random string which is found in your wp-config.php file, look for NONCE_SALT, e.g: 67cdf48e1eee1abc0a30b4de0bb4efced3ca5bfde8bc8ac4fd02cfc9744b2664
  • Current user id: currently logged user id, e.g: 1
  • WordPress authorization cookie should be set in your request. The cookie may look like: wordpress_logged_in_4cbb5e9f028eb09067508507275d2619=admin%7C1565763486%7CsJJHNMTjHk5MZhtVuiWzD1S82aD4K2lTFEV23ckMpdT%7Cfc21632a07e9e9af4136b778f09861d8e1be432b6df709c39f8b2490b4f19ae7


This Paw Extension is released under the MIT License.

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