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Note: This release is out of date, please go to version 2.0.0 instead. For the convenience of anyone who stumbles through a link here, the new html+javascript file from that version has been added to this release and the release notes below have been updated to explain it. But the source files and the python script are out of date and for those version 2.0.0 should be used instead.

A Python script to use a mastodon archive to generate a human-readable webpage for viewing


  • organizes your old posts into a conveniently readable timeline
  • includes media attachments in posts
  • Preserves content warnings/summaries
  • Uses the header from the archive as the background
  • Uses the avatar from the archive as the avatar next to your old posts


Without Python:

  • Download the attached archive_page.html file and place it in the root of the archive (the folder that has outbox.json and media_attachments in it).
  • Next open archive_page.html in your web browser. It will attempt to load your archive automatically. If it fails you'll just need to browse for and open the outbox.json file from within the page and it will load it.
    • Note: in browsers such as chrome, you will need to select the outbox.json file manually. Old bio information will not be loaded in this way. If you want to see your old bio too, please open the html file in firefox or create a static html page using python as explained below.

With Python:

  • To make a webpage to view your archive, just place the html_from_archive.py script in the root of the archive (the folder that has outbox.json and media_attachments in it) and run it using python3
    • From the command line: python3 html_from_archive.py
    • You can also set it as executable and run it directly or, on Windows, right click and open it with python 3.
  • Open the resulting processed_archive.html file in your web browser.