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A program to quickly fetch and dump data from the RdRand or RdSeed instruction to binary or hex output.


-s : Use RdSeed instead of RdRand

-k n : Dump KibiBytes of data

-b : Dump out in binary (default is hex)

-g n : Group size. Data is output in time order. Lower order bits are considered first. When in hex output mode (the default) this chooses what size groups to split the 64 bit rdrand number into. Can be one of 8,16,32 or 64 (the default).

-c : Dump out continuously.

-m : Memory Resident. Malloc space to hold all the data before collecting. Ensures no disc access interupts the flow of data during collection. Limited by the amount of memory you can allocate.


Dump out 1 KibiByte of data as hex from RdRand instruction:

> quickrdrand
2c38df0ccee99361 cdbce2f0c4d4663c cc9d82ca61beb781 ccbc4914497e78f4
852f819e693f49c5 65ccfec5db52214b 0bc51e06da93a595 6301e995cd6d51ce
3c4239cf780e9287 9a4a18c26b756126 5358d0dcea87c3d7 ff04e80190114a98
abfff954b2c68500 ef394a9f8f4b6ee2 aff8fc7d10cf60d1 2461cd676700dcfd
46a5cf506ad836a6 48b6c4c50450266a a6610c9392cc808e dfa7053caaaf929a
cccf2c155ef60a9f 189a154439f576af 7eced061a49bf95b 67b279134489d346
0d4198398009ca41 46430d7fc922c551 4d0842f4afba123c 78c2c8cd5603d3c1
539751a71bf17cf0 aa537159a2c6028d de5980aa023ecfd6 27622a50356ae16c
e1e02d7d9016f764 7690c61dc36fb3f4 65fa9e3577da4c41 34927979e7af71f1
3d5aba2a5575455c 30a8dc97a8165362 ce5ef1da14719c64 e9e91be600fcc0f2
d0a8be1ab2f25529 e8f4dd4a117a6ecb c057c8cd8ce1fc2c 9a0debbbfbf1f9cf
2f52fc7654b97a82 e54ac08b3553bddb c8371a02850144ef fc9cab3a8baf0d79
19d8f4e68fb7ede3 7b2baf08806c93b0 e984b57e2b0daee5 d249195d543319ee
464193a7f347d116 1bc4ef19b5300826 132e5529fc0a89da 76cc7b7a0daa0618
db7b6fc3081715db 017765fc584d2325 4db4b44ab5477fcd 2182c9572da5e674
11b21ded9831a9ed 2188edcba19ad3a8 c92a0f99587e5570 bfbf984407407692
5454041ca80e58ba eda2ef609b2cc13e 51fde01f1f6ae5ae 678b3228a751fdeb
8207af961476d9a8 eddea7d3efb3daa8 a7cfd765b0b66231 85dc3d32da818f5b
786efd10bfafb5ae d6c0dfb3414e26bd e6ce69a297977a08 e592acafe714360c
499b198619284e82 adfc44a2bbc8f80b cc0a5e272360036d 0c06c6e4095766fa
c96de003a950a5b5 70b0e97678b85758 1c4cd9d960c5bb96 40a4a24f62d4a1bd
fd0e30b5ba145e80 2590dfc1caa0c6b0 9d4d131dc642b8b8 b279719feb31ba3f
a8a5679c4f5066b7 77712cbab70cf699 3e0f662b7ddfb60a 2199f4110573f455
1a5a665687d66988 ea7509728fc0402f 0881013b648acbd8 f14b5980573d95f4
6d4114e25e6e7b58 94669e5862ceaad7 1210b8ebe3055ce5 51e5733744ca6951
68afe0d505f17ffb f360c500ac3363ca 571ee60cb8545e52 b0e569e100da0027
9c900ab0f9d80b1b 5949a5c820d5c30f 04ec263e6f990efb 9145ce8431d3a625
f5bf0c33a8f89904 53c8471363d722fb d313267810000d5e f967a1d85023eba4
117b425168af6ede 1cb7924a06d725f8 be53f8a5630fd77f 83694c9473420ff1
7fa5aea162c78ce3 c6344652ec21e3b6 15020b2eafe0d9e8 6bb6246c3c6b4e6a
3a8418b441bbcf1a ac22b6b3e3f094e2 f00f16773a66bad7 a36ac97d6b638aa2
fe9c955f1141158f de9a605c086e8ba5 0894ef48d754b67b a1b073945aadec36

Dump out 10 MibiBytes to a binary file

> quickrdrand -b -k 10240 > binary.bin

Dump out data using RdSeed:

> quickrdrand -s
78cc98b286b6ec76 77374a0a8b4c4ea3 0394c86d191b3a9f acf038acf581fce5
01d2dbe496748a49 8db8b3f8a9063fc1 ded96347845b46b0 acc113225424c604
3e8bff6d3318cf5e 95588dd5600b7a18 e2b930875649c98f c25a9530d7f0ec83
173ff5f10e6d72e9 37268b998fb34a84 320431987994a518 d9378f51ac39e1f5
422783bfe2b2cdde 89c3ed266b4f7ef0 33bfeed4a4c882bc 88517740dbb61e35
7a1f1b9998f31bf3 1c1746ccbadce885 27a68f3011e6aa6e a23324191daa476d
f1f97b6c8a2ae6a3 808445f600c7f94b 1cceb53afdc6be42 e80a4bd278415578
af7d20a28c84026a 1eedcaf56ca952eb 32a3bc05567ceee2 809eed63e9f886b5
36f59f6032728b20 ed154046de07e6ee e04609741ef74aa1 0d40b17e738a9045
78a95fb02a884e2d f94fd57a91219a60 72a903b1915ef4d7 fa866bb16248aeb1
7cebb498f9751ed0 3f8d111cb73feff3 af51d3b066fbd2fc ab1cd0e7d19bca69
bf8bc45c238e52a8 08cc544236364c7c 055242b9eed715d4 134defa7b488c0e7
af08771f2a4d8a57 155ca37c746341cd 6b84d58c774aafe0 8d70683ff4fb7b23
6b22dc6af7429869 317be93a8da9c30a 891563f0d4cd80b5 170ba3a04faa5653
e523b4793b0e0ff0 c30b20945aba3f8b e61f64babbc49827 a1c27c3fc7485f34
63863bb8881aacd8 91e376d615e1c8a6 fbc692639f490256 ba8f4ac8969cd853
32faeecdc7813c94 6a0dab74143f4193 ae3e0206f7fd5f1a 9a1184d8e00fcc49
3174adaf7c8b31b2 9d5dfc96171cea08 915400ac29e82e61 f4a82dbee8f793b9
b0c9f9032a36f064 3cc817b1e109404e 824793f9198e7475 70528bf870370198
025ad79b18d7c2e4 44b3755403abf50f 5870997f7a92f0da bcb10bb33b4e0983
d651fd6b89f471c4 64335d047eccdd33 71fe6cbb179564c2 945c4578320b2751
eb643f977625162a a74d58b378317887 9e0db92b8ee9a00b ff760ec633b6ccb2
015e439eaca02db2 da89164162d3d926 aa07334f6bc11b3f d6d1b1cb85c1ab0c
cbd444ed79fdf937 9598a9aa1c960d7a 2f3904bbf374e49b 0679bfa6c1782f6d
614502f374a4e079 5c106bbb261cf2cf d1bd7bc212782030 a9d34f74e7c4e3bf
c2c5416ce5c6d01b cd535ba1d53e6aa8 660aa28464bbd729 5e6bb0b0ce232e9d
f17f2e4f8c16d25b 9096f25dc4ce110a 6143bb9c8ffc1765 9ef6694a7a71b95e
b782d94e07b5058d b2a84f3d980db1b6 bf36008ed76497e1 7b20258e96358ee3
6c4e92f738d210cf 044862212dad3b51 d305ffa2cc4d5b55 353c25586df0e524
fa37aa66d4a604c2 a3d3f4c7eb3f6bf1 f31d80e233aa1741 e948ba0fac777e54
f7658bdf7a620f21 c09d8156be5d872a e66fd890cb3e0e67 15887141cf22cdd1
13e843d4408c2813 081951dd54c122ac c80002ef8df6394c c0c22a5f901ee03c

Print out as 16 bit numbers.

> quickrdrand -g 16
02f5 ca13 117b f548 c399 a5c9 0e11 52c1 793f dcc4 a5c9 2cb0 0e7b 0992 2f6e e48b
aebe b461 4978 6350 bf4c b6f6 0cce f511 a111 d06b 497d 8279 1910 ac1f 8d38 f7ad
fd42 b252 27ea d1f4 cf9f 9f9b 97c1 0452 a78a fc51 e481 c42a 644d 9c18 e219 5c4c
c9f4 6ff6 eb80 6931 84f2 dce0 d2af b0b0 0b7b cd0d 76e6 e868 7daa 311a 25c2 1a8e
2946 8f31 8c2e d7be 1403 8f95 1984 c67e d0d4 5563 c272 07dd 3093 31a9 76a8 a360
3e5f cea6 878d f415 161b bc02 0116 4616 05fc 69ba ec8a c19f b897 3e74 a45d 5710
b8c2 41e8 e4ba a7cd 9df2 2678 2efd 5f6b d191 12e5 deae 75fb ca1c 2347 e7ef 86df
77c1 cfca 0e3b c505 483f 3b7d 6762 88dd 451c 5ebd 9bbf 278f 333f 1fec f840 7f96
2523 c9cc 46ca 4e33 6f1e 1220 a5c6 46ec 3194 1856 1b45 2b0f fcd2 df6d f361 3a52
b48b 65d6 896f ffc2 3153 223d c835 da73 c095 bb04 55db 047e 29fa 0114 65c8 216a
b59e a146 9273 a634 15ed 9e12 92cd 29a0 21a8 c46e 29dc 6a1c 1886 e930 4fc5 9714
679e b823 928e 7ddc b496 7b10 49f4 853b befd 5621 eac6 1e11 3469 bb2f 8790 af39
0c96 22a2 e1e0 227d 3364 666c 588b 0ed6 820b a8fa 411a 72f5 70ff c436 b734 dad5
73ad d181 729b 2788 a782 85f6 e681 0591 df1c 9261 30c6 efb2 ab88 3a84 a857 9e8c
68eb 781c 2fa8 95e0 96f7 caed 7ccd 5704 cafd d0fd b1a3 ca35 0441 2df2 ef8d 4c3e
25b5 2482 cca3 97cb 78d8 6d5c c1cb 1002 8b6d f81a 5e40 2770 56ce 93ee eb84 77cb
1d72 1539 6a90 5dfe 8648 4ccb cb93 c54d 341f df81 a8dc 78f7 0536 2208 0241 b518
84cc aba8 3fb1 e727 4cfc 22cf 6ed8 f451 241f 2d2a 8073 2695 c658 ac65 46ec 806d
b973 3a41 9aeb 17f1 0112 f685 4435 388f df62 50d7 1281 2a5c a245 fb67 bffd 3bdf
8ab3 0b82 aab3 d952 1ac4 9dd6 f1aa e533 0e54 4247 abe8 ceaa 8037 9ed5 7525 f770
53c3 dd17 697f d233 8c84 c060 a6d0 cd5d af10 ec6b 37ed cd7c d03e 0ac7 0970 0b41
f25a 25bf 428f 7a3a b3c5 97fe 390f b2f0 fdb0 e4f4 cac3 1106 8d14 5c91 54a2 0669
5abd 2631 3914 a8c5 c9f3 b2c6 8926 4ff4 5e29 97aa c3c8 486e 85a8 0891 dde8 e803
2512 627e 0b08 2ea2 411f 45a1 f5f4 809d 1d17 2558 66d3 8ec0 8721 95ec cd8d 458f
852c 54c8 5611 9b6e fa19 94ef 04be 7d30 ad2a 606c dfab 682d 638f cf9c a925 95ad
31d6 8c3a 102c 5f09 ac88 0b47 6974 8790 7a12 d245 a1ab 9eed 6e3b 1cb6 5c7a abe0
852c 19eb 12ed d4bf 2bb2 8f20 c4ec 2c60 c2ad 3148 fd99 d03c 7dd4 f9c5 ef93 a168
bcef b748 a854 2619 1836 c54a c9b3 de29 6d5a 7b45 6c83 0009 6d15 0974 8a8e cf70
3084 6abb 2f11 98d5 ae44 80e9 5605 6b81 93b7 1cdb df38 36f3 739a 8346 f060 1428
2fb9 1e04 0362 6390 fda9 b309 e5f4 ad22 5883 81ee 05a4 84ef ea31 aca0 af84 e19a
9795 6ba2 ea8e d869 8b9c a0fe 0452 4458 c398 5d97 616d 77fe 3158 e759 248c 797c
c587 1658 460f 3b2b 6322 9719 43ad 89a7 9701 033c 929c 3f32 cf15 4883 0df5 8d65


A program to quickly fetch and dump data from the RdRand or RdSeed instruction to binary or hex output.






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