A simple query string parser
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Query String Parser

We parse a lot of queries at PostRank Inc. The time taken to parse those queries starts to add up.
Eventually we got to the point where we decided to create a simple C based parser. Hence, QueryStringParser.

A more detailed explanation of the origins can be found at: http://everburning.com/news/introducing-querystringparser

Usage is pretty simple, you can either call the function against the QueryStringParser module, or include
the module into your code. There is only one method, qs_parse.

  require 'query_string_parser'
  => {"my"=>"query", "string"=>"parser"}

  include QueryStringParser
  => {"does"=>["array", "data", "values", "more"]}

Questions, comments, drop me a line. dj2 at everburning dot com