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A Php/MySql music sharing CMS


Sourceml is a music sharing web application. Install Sourceml on a web server, login to your account and publish albums, songs and tracks.

Sourceml is a Php/Mysql web application based on Symfony.



  • php >= 7.2.5
  • php modules : php-xml, php-gd
  • For waveforms generation, Sourceml's php code will try to call the sox utility via a system command. If it fails, audio players will still be available, but without waveforms.

Get a copy of the repository

Download the zip archive from Github or clone a local copy :

git clone

Install composer libraries

If not installed yet, install Composer

then cd to the sourceml folder and run :

composer install

Configure the server host

Sourceml follows Symfony's code structure, which assumes that the document root of the server is the public directory. All Sourceml's files have to be installed on the server, but only the public directory should be accessible via HTTP.

If for some reason this configuration is not possible, the document root can be the sourceml directory, and you will have Sourceml available with a public/ prefix in the URI. But this is a potential serious security risk, because the .env file contains the database connection informations and therefore MUST NOT be public.


Make sure you can't access the .env file from a browser.

Run the installer

Visit your Sourceml host with a browser. You should see the install form.

Set your database connection informations, choose a title for the website and a username to start with, then click the install button.

Wait a bit, for the tables to be created in the database, and if you see a success message you sould now be able to login with your username, access your account and add authors, albums and tracks...

Read more about Sourceml