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Medium for Hackers - 💻 A CLI for Medium Stories.
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medium-cli npm version npm

Medium for Hackers - A CLI for reading Medium Stories.

It helps you read awesome medium articles right in your terminal.


$ npm install -g mediumcli


Usage: medium [options] [command]


top [options]                           lists Medium Top Stories
tag [options] <tag>                     lists trending Medium Stories by tag
author [options] <author>               lists Medium Stories by author
search|s [options] <searchTerms...>     searches for stories
read <url>                              reads the story right in your terminal
open [options] <url>                    opens it in your browser


-h, --help     output usage information
-V, --version  output the version number
-o, --open     open story in browser
-m, --markdown render selected story as markdown in the terminal

top [options]
n, --number <int>, specify number of stories

tag [options]
-n, --number <int>  specify number of stories
-l, --latest        get latest instead of trending 

author [options]
-n, --number <int>, specify number of stories

search|s [options] <searchTerms...>
-n, --number <int>  specify number of stories

open [options] <url>
-a, --app <application>  specify app to open the url. Eg: firefox


The commands available are: medium top, medium read, medium open and more..

top command

$ medium top

List Medium Top Stories

$ medium top -n 5

List only top 5 Medium Stories

read command

$ medium read <url>

Read the story right in your terminal

open command

$ medium open <url>

Opens it in your browser

$ medium open -a firefox <url>

Opens it in the given application, like it opens the url using firefox in above example.

Also, you can search by Author, Tags or Keyword

$ medium author _ericelliott

$ medium tag javascript

$ medium tag javascript --latest

$ medium search security

Another Example

$ medium author dheerajhere --open will open the selected story in browser


Feel free to submit issues and enhancement requests.


medium-cli is written in NodeJs and would love to accept pull requests for any issues or feature request.

Read more on contributing.


Copyright (c) 2017 Dheeraj Joshi Licensed under the MIT license.

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