A handful of common CSS styles.
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A handful of common CSS styles.

Boring sets a handful of common styles and overrides one or two that Normalize.css sets. Without being funny, it's often easier to make a site more interesting if it starts off by being completely boring. Bear in mind that these styles won't work for everyone. Plus Boring does not attempt to do what Normalize.css does and is certainly not intended to replace it.


There is no associated npm package because installing it would just put the needed files somewhere pretty inaccessible. Instead, install with Git...

git clone https://github.com/djalbat/boring.git

...and then copy either the boring.scss or boring.css file to your own project. Or just copy them straight from here.

If you make changes to the SASS file, assuming you have cloned the repository, you can recompile the CSS by first running npm install and then npm run build from the project root. Run npm run build-debug if you want a source map.


It is recommended that you import or include normalize.css first, then boring.scss or boring.css.

After that you should set the font-family on the child elements of the html element together with the font-size in pixels (forgive the emphasis) on the html element itself. Then try to use the rem rather than the em unit throughout, unless you can think of a very good reason why not to.

The author's site looks utterly boring, and is thus (arguably) easily readable, as a result of adhering to the above and adding a few additional styles.