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Zinnia-threaded-comments is a python package providing threaded comments for django-blog-zinnia based on django-contrib-comments.


First of all you need to install and configure django-app-namespace-template-loader into your project.

Then once Zinnia is installed on your Django project and this package installed on your PYTHON_PATH, simply register the zinnia_threaded_comments application in the INSTALLED_APP section of your project's settings and then register zinnia_threaded_comments as the COMMENTS_APP.

Now Zinnia can handle threaded comments.


zinnia_threaded_comments must be registered before the zinnia app to bypass the loading of the Zinnia's templates.


If you plan to customise the default template of an entry with the threaded comments, create in your project a zinnia/entry_detail.html template starting with:

{% extends "zinnia/entry_detail_base.html" %}

By doing this you don't have to reimplement the template logic provided by the app, and just have to customize the needed blocks.

Going further

More informations about customizations of the comments framework at: