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A list of our Community Heros

This is an overview of all the people who volunteer to make the open source django CMS project a success. We like to call them our "Community Heros". Without their commitment, the django CMS project would not be where it is today. As an open source project, we rely on the help of the community. Our thanks go out to everyone who contributes to the community.

Contributors to the open source django CMS project

Do you also want to become a Community Hero?

No matter if you are a developer, usability enthusiast, designer or copywriter. Young or old. Experienced or inexperienced. Every helping hand is welcome. Pick a community task, reach out to us and start with helping us to bring django CMS to the next level.

  1. Check out our list of all community tasks
  2. Sign up for work contribution
  3. Get started

Contribute to django CMS and win rewards!

After you have decided to contribute, you should take a look at our Developer Bounty Program.