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from __future__ import absolute_import, unicode_literals
import io
import logging
import subprocess
from importlib import import_module
from platform import system
if system() != "Windows":
from shlex import quote as shell_quote # Python 3
except ImportError:
from pipes import quote as shell_quote # Python 2
from subprocess import list2cmdline
def shell_quote(s):
# shlex.quote/pipes.quote is not compatible with Windows
return list2cmdline([s])
from django.core.exceptions import ImproperlyConfigured
from django.core.files.temp import NamedTemporaryFile
from django.utils.encoding import smart_text
from django.utils import six
from compressor.cache import cache, get_precompiler_cachekey
from compressor.conf import settings
from compressor.exceptions import FilterError
from compressor.utils import get_mod_func
logger = logging.getLogger("compressor.filters")
class FilterBase(object):
A base class for filters that does nothing.
Subclasses should implement `input` and/or `output` methods which must
return a string (unicode under python 2) or raise a NotImplementedError.
def __init__(self, content, attrs=None, filter_type=None, filename=None,
verbose=0, charset=None, **kwargs):
self.type = filter_type or getattr(self, 'type', None)
self.content = content
self.verbose = verbose or settings.COMPRESS_VERBOSE
self.logger = logger
self.filename = filename
self.charset = charset
def input(self, **kwargs):
raise NotImplementedError
def output(self, **kwargs):
raise NotImplementedError
class CallbackOutputFilter(FilterBase):
A filter which takes function path in `callback` attribute, imports it
and uses that function to filter output string::
class MyFilter(CallbackOutputFilter):
callback = ''
Callback should be a function which takes a string as first argument and
returns a string (unicode under python 2).
callback = None
args = []
kwargs = {}
dependencies = []
def __init__(self, *args, **kwargs):
super(CallbackOutputFilter, self).__init__(*args, **kwargs)
if self.callback is None:
raise ImproperlyConfigured(
"The callback filter %s must define a 'callback' attribute." %
mod_name, func_name = get_mod_func(self.callback)
func = getattr(import_module(mod_name), func_name)
except (ImportError, TypeError):
if self.dependencies:
if len(self.dependencies) == 1:
warning = "dependency (%s) is" % self.dependencies[0]
warning = ("dependencies (%s) are" %
", ".join([dep for dep in self.dependencies]))
warning = ""
raise ImproperlyConfigured(
"The callback %s couldn't be imported. Make sure the %s "
"correctly installed." % (self.callback, warning))
except AttributeError as e:
raise ImproperlyConfigured("An error occurred while importing the "
"callback filter %s: %s" % (self, e))
self._callback_func = func
def output(self, **kwargs):
ret = self._callback_func(self.content, *self.args, **self.kwargs)
assert isinstance(ret, six.text_type)
return ret
class CompilerFilter(FilterBase):
A filter subclass that is able to filter content via
external commands.
command = None
options = ()
default_encoding = settings.FILE_CHARSET
def __init__(self, content, command=None, **kwargs):
super(CompilerFilter, self).__init__(content, **kwargs)
self.cwd = None
if command:
self.command = command
if self.command is None:
raise FilterError("Required attribute 'command' not given")
if isinstance(self.options, dict):
# turn dict into a tuple
new_options = ()
for item in kwargs.items():
new_options += (item,)
self.options = new_options
# append kwargs to self.options
for item in kwargs.items():
self.options += (item,)
self.stdout = self.stdin = self.stderr = subprocess.PIPE
self.infile = self.outfile = None
def input(self, **kwargs):
encoding = self.default_encoding
options = dict(self.options)
if self.infile is None and "{infile}" in self.command:
# create temporary input file if needed
if self.filename is None:
self.infile = NamedTemporaryFile(mode='wb')
options["infile"] =
# we use source file directly, which may be encoded using
# something different than utf8. If that's the case file will
# be included with charset="something" html attribute and
# charset will be available as filter's charset attribute
encoding = self.charset # or self.default_encoding
self.infile = open(self.filename)
options["infile"] = self.filename
if "{outfile}" in self.command and "outfile" not in options:
# create temporary output file if needed
ext = self.type and ".%s" % self.type or ""
self.outfile = NamedTemporaryFile(mode='r+', suffix=ext)
options["outfile"] =
# Quote infile and outfile for spaces etc.
if "infile" in options:
options["infile"] = shell_quote(options["infile"])
if "outfile" in options:
options["outfile"] = shell_quote(options["outfile"])
command = self.command.format(**options)
proc = subprocess.Popen(
command, shell=True, cwd=self.cwd, stdout=self.stdout,
stdin=self.stdin, stderr=self.stderr)
if self.infile is None:
# if infile is None then send content to process' stdin
filtered, err = proc.communicate(
filtered, err = proc.communicate()
filtered, err = filtered.decode(encoding), err.decode(encoding)
except (IOError, OSError) as e:
raise FilterError('Unable to apply %s (%r): %s' %
(self.__class__.__name__, self.command, e))
if proc.wait() != 0:
# command failed, raise FilterError exception
if not err:
err = ('Unable to apply %s (%s)' %
(self.__class__.__name__, self.command))
if filtered:
err += '\n%s' % filtered
raise FilterError(err)
if self.verbose:
outfile_path = options.get('outfile')
if outfile_path:
with, 'r', encoding=encoding) as file:
filtered =
if self.infile is not None:
if self.outfile is not None:
return smart_text(filtered)
class CachedCompilerFilter(CompilerFilter):
def __init__(self, mimetype, *args, **kwargs):
self.mimetype = mimetype
super(CachedCompilerFilter, self).__init__(*args, **kwargs)
def input(self, **kwargs):
if self.mimetype in settings.COMPRESS_CACHEABLE_PRECOMPILERS:
key = self.get_cache_key()
data = cache.get(key)
if data is not None:
return data
filtered = super(CachedCompilerFilter, self).input(**kwargs)
cache.set(key, filtered, settings.COMPRESS_REBUILD_TIMEOUT)
return filtered
return super(CachedCompilerFilter, self).input(**kwargs)
def get_cache_key(self):
return get_precompiler_cachekey(self.command, self.content)
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