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@@ -111,6 +111,19 @@ comment about the test results to the pull requests. Alternatively you
can also login at Travis and enable your fork to run there, too. See the
`Travis documentation`_ to read about how to do that.
+Alternatively, create a virtualenv and activate it, then install the
+requirements **in the virtualenv**::
+ $ virtualenv compressor_test
+ $ source compressor_test/bin/activate
+ (compressor_test) $ pip install -e .
+ (compressor_test) $ pip install -r requirements/tests.txt
+ (compressor_test) $ pip install Django
+Then run ``make test`` to run the tests. Please note that this only tests
+django_compressor in the Python version you've created the virtualenv with
+not all the versions that are required to be supported.
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