Handle css correct If COMPRESS_PRECOMPILERS is used and COMPRESS_ENABLED is False #194

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peterlundberg commented Jan 16, 2012

This is described also in jezdez#120 which then might be closeable. This is a serious issue when developing with for instance mixed css/less code.

This is based on https://github.com/threepress/django_compressor/commit/f94c05e8930d793a9383d8f0170e50960fcc4570

and is confirmed to fix the issue when I have tested manually. I am not sure where to best or if at all add tests.


jezdez commented Jan 16, 2012

I can't merge this without a way to reproduce this, as mentioned in #120. Please add a test.


jezdez commented Jan 16, 2012

BTW, running the tests is as easy as explained here: http://django_compressor.readthedocs.org/en/latest/contributing/#tests


peterlundberg commented Jan 16, 2012

Ok I gave this a shot.

New tests in base.py and templatetags.py seams not to reproduce this on develop f752c7b.

BTW the dox in contributing are not updated to the new tox.ini location on develop.

Some git magic and i tried on 1.1.1 and this seams to happen. Tomorrow I will try our codebase against develop for a longer time and see how it works.

  1. What is the roadmap for releasing what is on develop (1.2?). Is there any point providing a 1.1.3 for this?
  2. Are you interested in the tests anyway?

If it helps, I had the same problem with the stable version, but everything works ok on the master branch, but the package on pypi should be updated soon.


peterlundberg commented Jan 23, 2012

Just to confirm. This is not an issue on the master branch, only on the 1.1 on pypi. The tests i did are on my fork and should probably be added as this has happened once. Let me know if there is anything else I might be able to help with.

jezdez pushed a commit that referenced this pull request Jan 30, 2012

Jannis Leidel
Merge pull request #194 from peterlundberg/develop
Handle css correct If COMPRESS_PRECOMPILERS is used and COMPRESS_ENABLED is False

@jezdez jezdez merged commit 78d1db2 into django-compressor:develop Jan 30, 2012

reinout commented Feb 28, 2012

Will there be a new release soon? This bug badly breaks my development cycle :-)

I can make a custom package and stick that into our company-internal pypi clone, but I'd rather just use a real release.


jezdez commented Feb 28, 2012

Yeah, there will be a release, once the more glaring bugs are fixed. I assume it'll take not long till then. Any help would be appreciated as always :)

reinout commented Feb 29, 2012

Is it an idea to tag those glaring bugs? "1.2" or so? For something with glaring bugs, it works like a charm for me :-)


jezdez commented Feb 29, 2012

Yeah, sounds like a plan :)

23doors commented Jul 31, 2012

Would be really great if this plan could be set in motion ;)

Currently it's impossible to group CSS files when when COMPRESS_ENABLED=False, even when you run python manage.py compress --force.

It'd be great if this line know about the --force option. It looks like it'd require the info to be passed through somehow in this line:

result = parser.render_node(template, context, node)

IDK if it’d be OK to sneak something through on template, context, or node to be checked in the above line?

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