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Fix breakage introduced in 49ab93d

Since we didn't have tests covering inheritance using a variable,
and this isn't a very common use-case, I'm breaking this on purpose
to fix multiple contexts instead. A refactor will be needed to
properly support inheritance using a variable while keeping multiple
contexts support.
latest commit de3afb17ab
@diox diox authored
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contrib Applied TextNode fix to sekizai postprocessor, fixes the double rende…
filters Fix TemplateFilter breakage
management Update link to templates documentation
offline Fix breakage introduced in 49ab93d
parser Adapt Beautifulsoup parser to changed behaviour in bs4
templates/compressor Merge remote-tracking branch 'GermanoGuerrini/develop' into develop
templatetags Minor refactoring in compress templatetag: part 2
tests Merge pull request #670 from gasman/fix/overextends
utils Use app registry to check for staticfiles on Django >= 1.7. Bump version to 1.5 Fix TemplateFilter breakage fix cached precompiler for unicode input Only cache precompilers specified in COMPRESS_CACHEABLE_PRECOMPILERS … Minor refactoring in Compressor's constructor added jinja2 compress offline support Return an empty list of files in the staticfiles finder so staticfile… Minor refactoring in Compressor's constructor Various PEP8 and pyflakes related fixes. Use new context hook to pass name argument from tag to compressor to … Don't give the gzip storage a filename at all. Failing test for #640
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