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crispy filter

Crispy filter lets you render a form or formset using django-crispy-forms elegantly div based fields. Let's see a usage example:

{% load crispy_forms_tags %}

<form method="post" class="uniForm">
    {{ my_formset|crispy }}
  1. Add {% load crispy_forms_tags %} to the template.
  2. Append the |crispy filter to your form or formset context variable.
  3. If you are using uni_form template pack, don't forget to add the class 'uniForm' to your form.
  4. Refresh and enjoy!

Using {% crispy %} tag because it rocks

As handy as the |crispy filter is, think of it as the built-in methods: as_table, as_ul and as_p. You cannot tune up the output. The best way to make your forms crisp is using the :ref:`crispy tag forms`. It will change how you do forms in Django.

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