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An interface to python-swiftclient and rackspace cloudfiles API from Django.
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django-cumulus provides a set of tools to utilize the python-swiftclient and Rackspace Cloud Files API from Django. It includes a custom file storage class, CumulusFilesStorage.

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More documentation about the usage and installation of django-cumulus can be found on

The source code for django-cumulus can be found and contributed to on There you can also file issues.

To find out what's new in this version of django-cumulus, please see the changelog

Core Team

This library is maintained by:

  • Ferrix Hovi (@ferrix)
  • Thomas Schreiber (@rizumu)

They will be able to answer questions, give architectural guidance and merge pull requests.

Quick Installation Guide

Please visit for the full documentation.

  • Install Django Cumulus with your favorite Python package manager:

    pip install django-cumulus
  • To install the in-development version of Django Cumulus:

    pip install django-cumulus==dev
  • Add 'cumulus' to the INSTALLED_APPS setting in your project's

  • Add the following to your project's file:

    CUMULUS = {
        'USERNAME': 'YourUsername',
        'API_KEY': 'YourAPIKey',
        'CONTAINER': 'ContainerName',
        'PYRAX_IDENTITY_TYPE': 'rackspace',

The PYRAX_IDENTITY_TYPE parameter can either be rackspace or keystone depending on whether you use Rackspace or OpenStack respectively.

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