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Refresh dependencies and split requirements.txt between dev and production #24

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While installing Cab, I noticed that there was a missing dependency on Whoosh (for django-haystack) on the requirements.txt file.

It turns out that this dependency is only required in a development environment, so as suggested on the discussion thread, I ended up splitting the requirements files for development/production.

Deutscher Django-Verein e.V. member

Whoosh is not necessarily a dependency since we only use it in the development environment. djangosnippets itself IIRC uses SOLR. We should probably split up the requirements.txt to make this more apparent :-)


@zerok ok, I've finally had some time to look into this and I've implemented your suggestion of splitting the development and production requirements.txt file. Let me know what you think.


Looking at it in more detail, is there a particular reason to use an old snapshot of django-storages ( instead of a newer, standard release?

Deutscher Django-Verein e.V. member

Sorry for the delay and thank your work on this one :-)

AFAIK keeping current with django-storages should be fine. I will look over it and ideally merge it someone today.

@zerok zerok merged commit 7e5b646 into django-de:master


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  3. +8 −19 requirements.txt
10 requirements-common.txt
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2 requirements-dev.txt
@@ -0,0 +1,2 @@
+-r requirements-common.txt
27 requirements.txt
@@ -1,23 +1,12 @@
+-r requirements-common.txt
-# django-storages==1.1.5
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