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Stacktraces aren't displayed in 0.9.4 #272

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I upgraded to DDT 0.9.4 because 0.8.5 has a couple lines (in and, referencing settings.DATABASE_ENGINE) that make it incompatible with Django 1.4.

I notice that stacktraces have been made optional, but are enabled by default. I'm not getting them in my SQL panel, even after adding 'ENABLE_STACKTRACES' : True to my

One of the main reasons I use DDT is to track the queries generated by my code, and without a stacktrace in the "Explain" view, DDT 0.9.4 is nearly useless to me. In the meantime, I will continue using 0.8.5 after making the minor fixes.

If you know the answer, you can also score some quick points on Stack Overflow; this guy has the same issue.


You can patch your 0.9.4 install by changing debug_toolbar/panels/ to read

params = map(escape, os.path.split(frame[0]) + frame[1:])

(and import os.path somewhere above).

It looks like this issue was fixed in 12fdf7e (render_stacktrace).


Thanks a lot, I'll try this, no time right now, but I'll close the issue.

@swiharta swiharta closed this
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