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No SQL for django_session #294

shultais opened this Issue Jun 26, 2012 · 5 comments

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Debug Toolbar 0.9.4
Django 1.3.1
PostgreSQL 9.1
Sessions in data base.

SQL pane shows all requests, except for the table django_session;

First SQL:
SELECT "userpanel_profile"."user_id", ... FROM "userpanel_profile" WHERE "userpanel_profile"."user_id" = 40004

Second SQL:
SELECT "auth_user"."id", ... FROM "auth_user" WHERE "auth_user"."id" = 40004

kmike commented Jun 26, 2012

Do you have DebugToolbarMiddleware before SessionMiddleware?


I have DebugToolbarMiddleware after SessionMiddleware.

kmike commented Jun 26, 2012

I think that's why it doesn't catch SQL produced by SessionMiddleware; try putting it before the SessionMiddleware.


I put DebugToolbarMiddleware before SessionMiddleware, but nothing has changed.


I'm positive that the debug toolbar shows the request to the session.

You can even see it on the screenshot I added to the README yesterday.

@aaugustin aaugustin closed this Oct 18, 2013
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