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TemplatePanelTestCase fails under Django 1.5 #360

lucasicf opened this Issue · 3 comments

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This test is the only test which is failing on Django 1.5. I had to change the requirements on for running the tests:


This is the error message:

Traceback (most recent call last):
 File "/home/lucas/Projects/django-debug-toolbar/tests/", line 268, in test_queryset_hook
    self.assertIn('<<queryset of auth.User>>', ctx)
AssertionError: '<<queryset of auth.User>>' not found in "{'False': False, 'None': None, 'True': True}"

The point is: I suppose Django 1.5 has added this the support for True, False and None in the templates and this is passed in the context. Here is the patch in Django:

printing template_panel.templates returns this with Django 1.4:

    'signal': <django.dispatch.dispatcher.Signal object at [someaddress]>,
    'context': [
        "{'deep_queryset': '<<triggers database query>>',\n 'queryset': u'<<queryset of auth.User>>'}"
    'template': <django.template.base.Template object at [someaddress]>

and this with Django 1.5:

    'signal': <django.dispatch.dispatcher.Signal object at [someaddress]>,
    'context': [
        "{'False': False, 'None': None, 'True': True}",
        "{'deep_queryset': '<<triggers database query>>',\n 'queryset': '<<queryset of auth.User>>'}"
    'template': <django.template.base.Template object at [someaddress]>

Since it checks for template_panel.templates[0]['context'][0], which returns the dictionary-string for the "False, None, True" thing, I believe the test can be changed to look for that strings in the whole context, not just the first position of the context.


Here is the proposed patch:





Thanks for your contribution. In fact I fixed this issue yesterday with f4699b2.

Sorry I didn't notice your pull request. I'm new here and slowly going though the backlog of issues and pull requests.

@aaugustin aaugustin closed this
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