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Temporarily hiding the toolbar handle #362

jimymodi opened this Issue · 3 comments

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Is there is a option to hide the toolbar handle for a time being.

Actually I am working on the elements on my site which are at the same place of debug toolbar handle. So for a time being I want to hide the handle of the toolbar.

I can do that by setting DEBUG = false of whole project. But I want to have debug as true for other reasons.

Having a configurable option to hide the handle would be great.


May be, try to init new variable and use it like DEBUG var? :dancers:
DJDT_DEBUG = True / False :)


Comment out INTERNAL_IPS = ('',) in your settings and you're fine!


#278 suggests to make it draggable, which would also solve this problem, and feels more elegant than adding a setting.

Since both tickets are about the same issue — the handle is in a fixed location and may hide some items — I'm going to close this one in favor of #278.

@aaugustin aaugustin closed this
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