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@@ -8,6 +8,7 @@ The features are:
* Ajax-based preview and posting of comments
* Configurable form layouts using django-crispy-forms_.
* Comment moderationm, using Akismet_ integration and auto-closing after N days.
+* E-mail notification to the site managers of new comments.
The application is designed to be plug&play;
installing it should already give a better comment layout.
@@ -123,14 +124,24 @@ The following settings are available for comment moderation::
AKISMET_IS_TEST = False # Enable to make test runs
FLUENT_CONTENTS_USE_AKISMET = True # Enabled by default when AKISMET_API_KEY is set.
- FLUENT_COMMENTS_USE_EMAIL_NOTIFICATION = True # Enable email notification of new comments.
FLUENT_COMMENTS_CLOSE_AFTER_DAYS = None # Auto-close comments after N days
FLUENT_COMMENTS_MODERATE_AFTER_DAYS = None # Auto-moderate comments after N days.
FLUENT_COMMENTS_AKISMET_ACTION = 'moderate' # Set to 'moderate' or 'delete'
To use Akismet_ moderation, make sure the ``AKISMET_API_KEY`` setting is defined.
+E-mail notification
+By default, the ``MANAGERS`` of a Django site will receive an e-mail notification of new comments.
+This feature can be enabled or disabled using::
+The template ``comments/comment_notification_email.txt`` is used to generate the e-mail message.
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