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@@ -27,14 +27,6 @@ To use comments, the following settings are required::
-Optionally, `django-threadedcomments`_ can be included::
- 'threadedcomments',
- )
- COMMENTS_APP = 'threadedcomments'
Add the following in ````::
urlpatterns += patterns('',
@@ -54,6 +46,55 @@ The database can be created afterwards::
./ runserver
+CSS form layout
+A form layout is something that is very different across web sites.
+However, this module uses django-crispy-forms_ for the form HTML layout, to make it easy to
+have a consistent layout across all your Django forms (in fact, we would encourage to adopt django-crispy-forms_ for all your form layouts).
+Currently this module gives you 2 options for the layout:
+* `Bootstrap`_ The default template pack. The popular simple and flexible HTML, CSS, and Javascript for user interfaces from Twitter.
+* `Uni-form`_ Nice looking, well structured, highly customizable, accessible and usable forms.
+The ``CRISPY_TEMPLATE_PACK`` setting allows you to choose which layout you like to use.
+For more information, see the django-crispy-forms_ documentation..
+If your form CSS framework is not supported, you can create a template pack
+for it and submit a pull request to the django-crispy-forms_ authors for inclusion.
+Treaded comments
+There is rudimentary support for `django-threadedcomments`_ in this module,
+which can be enabled with the following settings::
+ 'threadedcomments',
+ )
+ COMMENTS_APP = 'threadedcomments'
+Note however, that some improvements to django-treadedcomments_ are still open
+(see `pull request #39 <>`_)
+and until that moment it is not possible to take full advantage of the treaded display.
+This module is designed to be generic, and easy to plug into your site.
+In case there is anything you didn't like about it, or think it's not
+flexible enough, please let us know. We'd love to improve it!
+If you have any other valuable contribution, suggestion or idea,
+please let us know as well because we will look into it.
+Pull requests are welcome too. :-)
.. _django-threadedcomments:
.. _django-crispy-forms:
+.. _`Uni-form`:
+.. _`Bootstrap`:

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