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A plugin for django-fluent-contents to show a countdown timer on a website.

It's based on the jQuery plugin found at:


First install the module, preferably in a virtual environment. It can be installed from PyPI:

pip install fluentcms-countdown

Backend Configuration

First make sure the project is configured for django-fluent-contents.

Then add the following settings:


The database tables can be created afterwards:

./ syncdb

Now, the CountDownPlugin can be added to your PlaceholderField and PlaceholderEditorAdmin admin screens.

Frontend Configuration

Make sure that all plugin media files are exposed by django-fluent-contents:

{% load fluent_contents_tags %}

{% render_content_items_media %}

This tag should be placed at the bottom of the page, after all plugins are rendered. For more configuration options - e.g. integration with django-compressor - see the template tag documentation.

CSS Code

The stylesheet code is purposefully left out, since authors typically like to provide their own styling.

To get started quickly, include fluentcms_countdown/vendor/jquery.countdown.css in your site.

JavaScript Code

No configuration is required for the JavaScript integration,

By default, the plugin includes all required JavaScript code to run the timer.

The includes can be customized however, using the following settings:

JQUERY_PLUGIN_JS = 'fluentcms_countdown/vendor/jquery.plugin.min.js'

JQUERY_COUNTDOWN_JS = 'fluentcms_countdown/vendor/jquery.countdown.min.js'

JQUERY_COUNTDOWN_LOCALE_JS = 'fluentcms_countdown/vendor/jquery.countdown-{locale}.js'

COUNTDOWN_JS = 'fluentcms_countdown/countdown.js'

For example, if another plugin also uses jquery.plugin.js, redefine the setting, so both plugins use the same file:

JQUERY_PLUGIN_JS = 'mysite/vendor/jquery.plugin.min.js'

If a value is defined as None, it will be excluded from the frontend media.

HTML code

If needed, the HTML code can be overwritten by redefining fluentcms_countdown/countdown.html. Any data-... attributes on the countdown element will be read by the JavaScript code; this can be used to provide custom settings to the countdown init script.


If you like this module, forked it, or would like to improve it, please let us know! Pull requests are welcome too. :-)