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Primary Authors:
* Daniel Lindsley
* Matt Croydon (some documentation, sanity checks and the sweet name)
* Travis Cline (the original SQ implementation, improvements to ModelSearchIndex)
* David Sauve (notanumber) for the Xapian backend, the simple backend and various patches.
Thanks to
* Jacob Kaplan-Moss & Joseph Kocherhans for the original implementation of
djangosearch, of which portions were used, as well as basic API feedback.
* Christian Metts for designing the logo and building a better site.
* Nathan Borror for testing and advanced form usage.
* Malcolm Tredinnick for API feedback.
* Mediaphormedia for funding the development on More Like This and faceting.
* Travis Cline for API feedback, Git help and improvements to the reindex command.
* Brian Rosner for various patches.
* Richard Boulton for feedback and suggestions.
* Cyberdelia for feedback and patches.
* Jannis Leidel for consistently "walking behind the elephant" and cleaning up the
* Ask Solem for for patching the
* Ben Spaulding for feedback and documentation patches.
* smulloni for various patches.
* JoeGermuska for various patches.
* SmileyChris for various patches.
* sk1p for various patches.
* Ryszard Szopa (ryszard) for various patches.
* Patryk Zawadzki (patrys) for various patches and feedback.
* Frank Wiles for documentation patches.
* Chris Adams (acdha) for various patches.
* Kyle MacFarlane for various patches.
* Alex Gaynor (alex) for help with handling deferred models with More Like This.
* RobertGawron for a patch to the Highlighter.
* Simon Willison (simonw) for various proposals and patches.
* Ben Firshman (bfirsh) for faceting improvements and suggestions.
* Peter Bengtsson for a patch regarding passing a customized site.
* Sam Bull (osirius) for a patch regarding initial data on SearchForms.
* slai for a patch regarding Whoosh and fetching all documents of a certain model type.
* alanwj for a patch regarding Whoosh and empty MultiValueFields.
* alanzoppa for a patch regarding highlighting.
* piquadrat for a patch regarding the more_like_this template tag.
* dedsm for a patch regarding the pickling of SearchResult objects.
* EmilStenstrom for a patch to the Highlighter.
* symroe for a patch regarding the more_like_this template tag.
* ghostrocket for a patch regarding the simple backend.
* Rob Hudson (robhudson) for improvements to the admin search.
* apollo13 for simplifying ``SearchForm.__init__``.
* Carl Meyer (carljm) for a patch regarding character primary keys.
* oyiptong for a patch regarding pickling.
* alfredo for a patch to generate epub docs.
* Luke Hatcher (lukeman) for documentation patches.
* Trey Hunner (treyhunner) for a Whoosh field boosting patch.
* CMGdigital for funding the development on multiprocessing update_index.
* Travis Swicegood (tswicegood) for patches to the management commands.
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