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import re
import warnings
from django.utils.encoding import force_unicode
class BaseInput(object):
The base input type. Doesn't do much. You want ``Raw`` instead.
input_type_name = 'base'
post_process = True
def __init__(self, query_string, **kwargs):
self.query_string = query_string
self.kwargs = kwargs
def __repr__(self):
return u"<%s '%s'>" % (self.__class__.__name__, self.__unicode__().encode('utf8'))
def __unicode__(self):
return force_unicode(self.query_string)
def prepare(self, query_obj):
return self.query_string
class Raw(BaseInput):
An input type for passing a query directly to the backend.
Prone to not being very portable.
input_type_name = 'raw'
post_process = False
class PythonData(BaseInput):
Represents a bare Python non-string type.
Largely only for internal use.
input_type_name = 'python_data'
class Clean(BaseInput):
An input type for sanitizing user/untrusted input.
input_type_name = 'clean'
def prepare(self, query_obj):
query_string = super(Clean, self).prepare(query_obj)
return query_obj.clean(query_string)
class Exact(BaseInput):
An input type for making exact matches.
input_type_name = 'exact'
def prepare(self, query_obj):
query_string = super(Exact, self).prepare(query_obj)
if self.kwargs.get('clean', False):
# We need to clean each part of the exact match.
exact_bits = [Clean(bit).prepare(query_obj) for bit in query_string.split(' ') if bit]
query_string = u' '.join(exact_bits)
return query_obj.build_exact_query(query_string)
class Not(Clean):
An input type for negating a query.
input_type_name = 'not'
def prepare(self, query_obj):
query_string = super(Not, self).prepare(query_obj)
return query_obj.build_not_query(query_string)
class AutoQuery(BaseInput):
A convenience class that handles common user queries.
In addition to cleaning all tokens, it handles double quote bits as
exact matches & terms with '-' in front as NOT queries.
input_type_name = 'auto_query'
post_process = False
exact_match_re = re.compile(r'"(?P<phrase>.*?)"')
def prepare(self, query_obj):
query_string = super(AutoQuery, self).prepare(query_obj)
exacts = self.exact_match_re.findall(query_string)
tokens = []
query_bits = []
for rough_token in self.exact_match_re.split(query_string):
if not rough_token:
elif not rough_token in exacts:
# We have something that's not an exact match but may have more
# than on word in it.
tokens.extend(rough_token.split(' '))
for token in tokens:
if not token:
if token in exacts:
query_bits.append(Exact(token, clean=True).prepare(query_obj))
elif token.startswith('-') and len(token) > 1:
# This might break Xapian. Check on this.
return u' '.join(query_bits)
class AltParser(BaseInput):
If the engine supports it, this input type allows for submitting a query
that uses a different parser.
input_type_name = 'alt_parser'
post_process = False
use_parens = False
def __init__(self, parser_name, query_string='', **kwargs):
self.parser_name = parser_name
self.query_string = query_string
self.kwargs = kwargs
def __repr__(self):
return u"<%s '%s' '%s' '%s'>" % (self.__class__.__name__, self.parser_name, self.query_string, self.kwargs)
def prepare(self, query_obj):
if not hasattr(query_obj, 'build_alt_parser_query'):
warnings.warn("Use of 'AltParser' input type is being ignored, as the '%s' backend doesn't support them." % query_obj)
return ''
return query_obj.build_alt_parser_query(self.parser_name, self.query_string, **self.kwargs)
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