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Haystack-Related Applications

Sub Apps

These are apps that build on top of the infrastructure provided by Haystack. Useful for essentially extending what Haystack can do.

queued_search (2.X compatible)

Provides a queue-based setup as an alternative to RealtimeSignalProcessor or constantly running the update_index command. Useful for high-load, short update time situations.

celery-haystack (1.X and 2.X compatible)

Also provides a queue-based setup, this time centered around Celery. Useful for keeping the index fresh per model instance or with the included task to call the update_index management command instead.

haystack-rqueue (2.X compatible)

Also provides a queue-based setup, this time centered around RQ. Useful for keeping the index fresh using ./ rqworker.


Another queue-based setup, also around Celery. Useful for keeping the index fresh.

saved_searches (2.X compatible)

Adds personalization to search. Retains a history of queries run by the various users on the site (including anonymous users). This can be used to present the user with their search history and provide most popular/most recent queries on the site.


An alternate take on persisting user searches, this has a stronger focus on locale-based searches as well as further integration.


Provides a simple way to index flat (non-model-based) content on your site. By using the management command that comes with it, it can crawl all pertinent pages on your site and add them to search.


Provides a tumblelog-like view to any/all Haystack-enabled models on your site. Useful for presenting date-based views of search data. Attempts to avoid the database completely where possible.

Haystack-Enabled Apps

These are reusable apps that ship with SearchIndexes, suitable for quick integration with Haystack.

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