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Fix documentation regarding ModelSearchIndex to match current behavior

Closes #606. Thanks to @bradleyayers for the report.
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1 parent 2324f8a commit 5b3bb01214a5e8e13181d086c8e643eb5deb536f @benspaulding benspaulding committed Oct 16, 2013
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@@ -566,11 +566,11 @@ The ``ModelSearchIndex`` class allows for automatic generation of a
With the exception of the automated introspection, it is a ``SearchIndex``
class, so all notes above pertaining to ``SearchIndexes`` apply. As with the
-``ModelForm`` class in Django, it employs an inner class called ``Meta``,
-which should either contain a ``pass`` to include all fields, a ``fields`` list
-to specify a whitelisted set of fields or ``excludes`` to prevent certain fields
-from appearing in the class. Unlike ``ModelForm``, you should **NOT** specify
-a ``model`` attribute, as that is already handled when registering the class.
+``ModelForm`` class in Django, it employs an inner class called ``Meta``, which
+should contain a ``model`` attribute. By default all non-relational model
+fields are included as search fields on the index, but fields can be restricted
+by way of a ``fields`` whitelist, or excluded with an ``excludes`` list, to
+prevent certain fields from appearing in the class.
In addition, it adds a `text` field that is the ``document=True`` field and
has `use_template=True` option set, just like the ``BasicSearchIndex``.

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